Night of the Dead – 100% Achievement Guide

Somewhat detailed information for the achievements that currently exist in the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to EkostenSocker!



  • Get the first journal

This one is the easiest to get, almost right at spawn there’s a book with a leather cover laying in the middle of the road, pick it up and you’ve got the first journal. If you press “M” and open up the map you have coordinates on the side of the map, wich I did not figure out until I’ve found half of the journals…

Side Effects

  • Get the second journal

To be honest, this one was really hard for me to find. I got some of the other journals before I found this one. It’s located at the science lab. I know, it’s pretty obvious where it is if you just read the first journal, but I couldn’t for my life find the stupid science center… (:


  • Get the third journal

I ran into this one by accident, it’s in the Hospital somewhere, I’m gonna be honest and tell you I’ve forget what floor it was on. But the hospital is filled with good loot, so you’ll probably want to go through the whole building anyway. If you then look at the journal you’ll get a clue to where the next one is located.


  • Get the fourth journal

This one is located on the second basement level of the subway, it’s located on a small “table” of some sorts, pressed up against the wall.


  • Get the fifth journal

This one is located on the second floor of the school in the library.


  • Get the sixth journal

This one is located at the old factory buildings, it’s in one of the buildings on the first floor, on top of a small green “box/counter”. Easily overlooked!

Oct 6, 2013

  • Get the seventh journal

This last one is located at the prison, so when you’ve finally gotten this one you’ve almost been over the whole map…


  • Get all journals

When you get all of the journals above, you’ll get this achievement.

Survive / Escape

First Night

  • Survive 1 day

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Survive 10 days

This one is also pretty self-explanatory.


  • Survive 20 days

Same as above… This one is also pretty self-explanatory.


  • Move 26.2 miles

Just play the game and you’ll get this one when you’ve walked/sprinted long enough.

Torch Relay

  • Move 2020m with equip torch

Equip a torch in your hand whiles you’re running around looting or moving from point A to point B and you’ll get this pretty fast (joke for 2020 Olympics?).


  • Escape with Normal difficulty

Just choose normal difficulty when you start the game, find all the journals and fix the communication thingy at the “airport” (if it’s big enough to be called that) and escape.

Rat Race

  • Escape with PVP mode

Start the game with PVP mode and do the same stuff as above. You don’t acually have to play with anyone else, you can do this one solo.


  • Escape with Hardcore mode

Start the game in hardcore mode and do the same stuff as in “Toddle”. It doesn’t matter if you die. Your savefile will still be there, so you can just start over from where you last saved.

I Am Legend

  • Escape with Legend difficulty

Start the game with legend difficulty and follow the steps in “Toddle”. I strongly recommend you do this with a friend(!!!).


  • Don’t kill and skin animals until escape

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s still a pain in the a** to complete. You can either ask a friend to help you with this one since you need the processed leather to upgrade builds before escaping (but you cant kill or skin the rabbits (or any other animals for that sake)), search for a server with everything already fixed so you just have to run to the airport and escape.
Kill Or Be Killed

I just wanna peace

  • Kill 5 zombies

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Kill 1000 zombies

This one is also pretty self-explanatory.

First Blood

  • Kill 1 other player

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Killing Spree

  • Kill 50 other players

You dont actually have to kill 50 different players, just team up with another player and kill that person 50 times.

What has to be done, has to be done

  • Kill your first animal

Wolf, bird, bear, pig, boar or deer. Kill whatever you like. They’re all considered animals.


  • Kill 500 animals

Repeat the previous one, 500 times.

You’re doing great

  • The first death

Die once, just run into a wolf, bear or zombie, swimming out in the water also works, or jump from a cliff.

I’ve come to bargain

  • Die 100 times

Just continue to run into stuff that can harm you.

Consume / Cook

Junk Food

  • Consume 11 energy bars

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Consume 50 foods

Eat whatever you like, fruit, meat, bars etc…

Anyone can cook

  • Cook 5 foods

Press “B”, choose the second option from the top, go into “cooking” and build the cooking pot. At the cooking pot you can cook meals, like boiled eggs and cooked meat. Cook 5 foods, it doesn’t have to be different things. You can be a picky eater for this one without getting in trouble.

Yes, Chef!

  • Cook 30 foods

Same as above, just a bit more cooking.

One last…

  • Dying from food with reduced HP

Eat yellow mushrooms until you die. Easy.


  • Consume 10 raw meats

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just kill animals and eat the uncooked meat.


  • Don’t consume energy bar until escape

Don’t eat any energy bars until you’ve found all the journals and parts for the “communication thingy”, fixed it and “escaped”.


  • Only consume meat until escape

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You’re gonna have to become a part-time butcher.

Lacto Ovo

  • Only consume vegetable, egg and milk products until escape

This one is pretty self-explanatory, don’t hurt the animals!

Grinding / Building / Crafting

A tons of paper

  • Cut down 10 trees

Cut down 10 trees, not that hard.

Global Warming

  • Cut down 500 trees

Continue chopping down trees…

Mining Machine

  • Crush 100 boulders

Crush some rocks, you’ll need them anyway for upgrading your house and walls later.


  • Destroy 100 buildings

This one is really time consuming, I recommend you build a wall and have at it with an axe until it’s at 1% health, save the game and then blow it up with dynamite. Reload the gamefile and do it 99 more times…

Home ownership

  • Build 100 times

Just build yourself a house and you’ll get this one pretty quickly, atleast if you’re like me and has to demolish the same wall 40 times cuz you’re not happy with the angle.


  • Place a sleeping bag

This one is pretty easy, if you just follow the “survival note” you’ll do this pretty quickly.

Home sweet home

  • Place a bed

Press “B” and build yourself a real nice-looking bed for your lovely little house.


  • Craft 5 equipment

Build a workbench and craft stuff at it.


  • Build 10 melee traps

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Build 10 storage boxes

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Craft a torch

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Place 10 farms

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

City in a garden

  • Build 50 farms

Just keep on placing farms. You’ll have food to spare after this one.


  • Build 10 Guillotine

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Build 10 flags

This one is fairly easy if you’re like me and got no sence of direction. If you just can’t find your way home, place flags all around your base and you’ll see the markings at the top of the screen on your compass! 🙂


  • Upgrade equipment 30 times

Go to the workbench and upgrade your gear, your knife, axe, pickaxe and so on…

Trick or Owl

  • Upgrade equipment +9

Upgrade one item nine times. Be ready to spend a great deal of time searching/hunting for the items you need to upgrade…


  • Upgrade equipment +10

Upgrade one item ten times, this did not at all take forever…

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