Dark Deception – Monkey Business Guide

This guide will allow you to get an S rank for Monkey Business as well as unlocking all secrets.

Guide to Monkey Business


Monkey Business is the first stage of dark deception and the only level in Chapter 1, it introduces you to how majority of the game will be played.


  • The level starts with you walking into a hotel with monkey cutouts scattered around the place.
  • There is one hallway that if walked down, will bring you to a longer hallway with a Murder Monkey in an elevator at the end of the hall.
  • Don’t fret, the Murder Monkey will not attack you but if you get close enough to it.
  • It will jump and scream, giving the player a big fright.
  • The elevator will go up and come back down with no Murder Monkey’s inside.
  • If the player walks inside, the elevator will go up and bring you to a small room with a big statue in the middle as well as writing on the walls telling you to break the boards.
  • Bierce will then tell you to collect all of the soul shards to earn part of a ring piece.
  • She then hands you a tablet that Detects each shards location.

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