Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – 100% Achievement Guide

How to get all 6 achievements for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

Complete Achievement Guide

All credit goes to Tokao!

General Achievements

Most of the achievements so far can be completed by following the story missions. Achievements will be updated when new ones are added or the conditions for current achievements have changed.

ARKS Party

  • [NGS] Proof of defeating Nogleth. The beatings won’t stop until they apologize.

Progress through story to unlock.

A New Burst Era

  • [NGS] Proof of causing PSE Bursts in PSO2:NGS. Can you fight your way through?

Progress through story to unlock.


  • [NGS] Proof of creating a Multi-weapon in PSO2:NGS. All hail ARKS’s multi-purpose innovation!

Progress through story to unlock.

All-out Assault on Nex Aelio

  • [NGS] Proof of defeating Nex Aelio. Bringing peace to Aelio is what ARKS defenders do.

Progress through story to unlock.

ARKS Party

  • [NGS] Proof of forming a party with other players in PSO2:NGS. Strength through diversity.

Form a party with anyone. Must be in immediate proximity with someone to start a party.

Brilliant Growth!

  • [NGS] Proof of reaching Level 20 with any class in PSO2:NGS. ARKS defenders, reach for the stars!

Depending on battle power and level the best ways to grind to level 20 are as follows:

  • If Level 1-5 (Battle Power 830) focus on main story quests to unlock Mt Magnus.
  • If Level 5-10 (Battle Power 950) Farm Mt.Magnus PSE Bursts till you can complete Vanford Laboratory Ruins.
  • If Level 10-15 (Battle Power 1100) Farm Vanford Laboratory Ruins PSE Bursts til you can complete Resol Forest.
  • If struggling to increase Battle Power use these steps:

  1. Complete all Coccons and Towers to learn 20 skills points.
  2. Enhance equipment.
  3. Unlock weapon potential.
  4. Make a multi-weapon.
  5. Add augments to equipment.
  6. Equip higher rarity equipment.
  7. Limit Break equipment.

  • If Level 15-20 (Battle Power 1184) Farm Resol Forest BSE Bursts and when possible do every urgent quest or hunt veteran bosses.

XP Boosters include:

  • Have a party of 3 other members when farming PSE Bursts to get a 10% exp bonus. (7.5% for 3 members and 5% for 2 members).
  • Using region mag to get an extra 10% exp gain.
  • Using exp gain items.
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