Paradise Lust – Raven’s Quest Guide

Contains the following quests and how to complete them: Tuvatuva Reality TV, B-Roll Begins, Smokin’.

How to Complete All Raven’s Quests

Raven’s Quests

Tuvatuva Reality TV

Quest Description: Assist Raven with her equipment.

  • After talking to Raven, she’ll ask you to talk to Erik who is in the Resort’s Lobby.
  • You’ll be prompted to visit the Moby ♥♥♥, doing so unlocks the Launchdeck location (Garage-like door at the back of the ship).
  • Once at the Launchdeck, talk to Raven to finish the quest.

B-Roll Begins

Quest Description: Find Raven in the Lounge!

Raven will ask for you to get her 5 good scenic pictures.

The following areas will allow you to take a picture of it:

  • Resort: Lounge, Gas Tanks, Resort Beach
  • Lagoon: Lagoon’s Waterfall, Riverside, Tower Path.
  • Cove: Ocean.

Once you have taken enough pictures, return to Raven and meet her in her room which is located in the Resort’s Hall, last door on the left.

Talk to her and complete the minigame to finish the quest.


Quest Description: Smoke with Raven.

  • Raven will ask you to get her tobacco from her bag which is located in Moby ♥♥♥’s Launchdeck.
  • You can get the hose for the Hookah by going down to the Basement Area and clicking on the First Aid Box. Click on the tubing to get it.
  • Once you have both items, you can head over to the Resort’s Lounge and click on the table to build the Hookah. This will require 40 Energy.
  • Return to Raven to show off your Hookah and unlock a new evening activity.
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