Paradise Lust – Cath’s Quest Guide

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Contains the following quests and how to complete them: Engine Repair, Some Thirsty Girls, A Handy Job, A Bad 80’s College Movie, More than Meets the Eye.

How to Complete All Cath’s Quests

Cath’s Guide

Engine Repair & Some Thirsty Girls

Quest Description: Figure out a way to repair the engine & Find some water.

  • Look for Gabby on the Bridge.
  • Head outside of the ship and access the Engine Room (via hole on the side of the ship). You’ll be asked to get some water for them. You’ll then unlock a new location, the Lagoon.
  • Using the Map Function, head over to the Lagoon and you’ll meet Andrea. Click on her to encounter the Big Ass Giant Lizard who’ll steal her clothes. This will unlock another quest with Andrea, finish it and continue.
  • Head to the Riverside to the gather some water and return to the Engine Room. This will complete the Some Thirsty Girls quest.
  • You’ll be asked to find a spare fuse. Head back to the Lagoon and click on the dirt path on the left to get to the Tower Path and check inside the house, unlocking the Control Room.
  • Click on the boxes on the left and finish the minigame to obtain the Fuse.
  • Return to the Engine Room.

A Handy Job

Quest Description: Help Cath and Gabby

  • Chat with Cath and reach 20 Relationship Points.
  • Cath will tell you to meet her in the Lagoon. Wait for 3 Days before talking to Gabby to proceed.

A Bad 80’s College Move

Quest Description: Get with Gabby to get with Cath.

  • You are required to finish the Casual Networking, Pt. 2 from Gabby.
  • Drop by in Cath’s room to finish the quest.

More than Meets the Eye

Quest Description: Help Cath around the boat.

  • Meet Cath in the Poopdeck and you’ll be asked to clean around the ship. You can clean up the Poopdeck and the Upperdeck, each one requiring 40 Energy. Once you cleanup the Upperdeck, you’ll obtain Towels.
  • Once you have cleaned both locations, Cath will ask you to get a Transformer in order to repair the A.C.
  • Head over to the Resort’s Lobby and talk to Karen. She’ll require you to finish a quest for Maria as well as the requirement of being close to her (higher relationship points).
  • Once you have finished both quests, you can buy the Transformer from her for 1 S.E.X Chip.
  • Return to Cath and give her the transformer to finish the quest.
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