Paradise Lust – Item Collectible Guide

All the items you can find for Paradise Lust!

All Items List


Take note that items found in Karen’s Catalog and those that are given by characters in the quest are not included in this list. As the list may increase overtime as new updates comes out, I advise using the Search Function (CTRL + F) to find the item you want quicker.

Item List

  • Backpack – Click on the Ship Wreck (the one partially buried in the sand).
  • Map – Complete the Map from the Bridge to unlock this feature.
  • Smartphone – The first you are prompted to rest, you’ll unlock this feature.
  • Crowbar, Water Container, and Glass Shard – These three items are all found in the Bridge where you can get the Map.
  • Olive Jar & Cherry Jar – Found in the Bar after finishing the minigame.
  • Egg – Found on top of the nest in the Cove.
  • Machete – Found in the Radio Tower in the Lagoon, inside a box.
  • Mop – Talk to Karen to get this item.
  • Broom – You can also get this item from Karen.
  • Rusty Lure – You’ll need to finish a quest from Karen where it involves the Broom. Karen will give this to you.
  • Banana – You can find these in Tower Path in the Lagoon.
  • Bamboo – You can find these in the Gas Tanks area.
  • Soap – You’ll get this item once you clean Jack’s room.
  • Solder – Can be purchased from Karen for 1 $ex Chip.
  • Cyber Magazine – After cleaning up Room 2 in the Resort, Maria will give this to you.
  • Corkscrew – After cleaning up Room 2, you’ll automatically find this item.
  • Hoes – Found beside the cabinet in the Generator Room.
  • Towels – You’ll get this item once you clean the Upperdeck.
  • Sunscreen – You’ll get this item once you clean the Poopdeck.
  • Red Flowers / Red Hibiscus – Found in the Grove area (further in the Gas Tanks area) – you’ll need to make a Ladder (Bamboo and Rope – you can get the Rope from Karen).
  • White Flowers / Amaryllis – Found in the Gas Tanks area, hidden behind some leaves.
  • Yellow Flowers / Sunflower – Found in the Ravine area’s Overlook.
  • Pink Flowers / Orchids – Found in the Planewreck.

Poster Pieces

Poster # 2

  • The first piece you find is impossible to miss while cleaning up the Bar area.
  • The second piece can be found beneath the stairs in the Resort’s Basement area.
  • The last piece in found on the table in the Resort’s Lounge area.

Poster # 1

  • The first piece is found inside the drawer between the beds in Jack’s room.
  • The second piece is found inside the drawer in the Radio Tower in the Lagoon.
  • The last piece is found in the Resort’s Storage room, inside a box on the shelves (the one with ords). You’ll need to check in with Karen to gain access to the room.
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