Paradise Lust – Andrea’s Quest Guide

Contains the following quests and how to complete them: A Reptile Dysfunction, Ten-Hut!, Hoe. Garden., Chill with Andrea, By the River.

How to Complete All Andrea’s Quests

Andrea’s Quests

A Reptile Dysfunction

Quest Description: Andrea is missing her clothes.

  • Head over to the Tower Path to encounter the Big Ass Lizard, interact with it and you’ll be prompted to look for help.
  • Return to the ship’s Engine Room and talk to Cath and Gabby, they’ll ask you to find food for it.
  • Head over to the Cove and click on the nest to initiate a minigame. You’ll obtain an Egg when you finish it.
  • Return to the Big Ass Lizard and give him the egg, this will cause it to drop Andrea’s Dress on the floor. Click on it and return to Andrea.


Quest Description: Andrea wants to build something.

  • Go talk to Andrea about building a hut to initiate a minigame.
  • You’ll be then prompted to look for materials to build it with, you’ll need to get some bamboos (located on the Resort’s Gas Tank area) and you’ll need the Machete for it (located on the tower).
  • You’ll need a total of 11 Bamboos and spend 120 Energy to complete the quest. Once you’re done, you’ll unlock the Farmhouse.

Hoe. Garden.

Quest Description: Andrea wants to plant some seeds.

  • Talk to Andrea and she’ll ask you to grab some Hoes. You can find it in the Generator Room of the Resort beside the cabinet.
  • You’ll need to spend a total of 80 Energy to complete the quest.

Chill with Andrea

Quest Description: Andrea wants to chill with you.

  • Visit Andrea during the Evening at the Riverside.
  • After an unfortunate encounter, you’ll need to help build a fence for Andrea. You need to get 3 Bamboos and spend 40 Energy to complete this part of the quest.
  • Andrea will ask you to look for a rug that can help her out, you can find this inside the Control Room, it is a red tube on the wall. Return to Andrea with the rug and meditate with her during the Morning to complete the quest.

By the River

Quest Description: Keep Andrea company.

  • Pretty straightforward quest, meet Andrea in the Riverside during the Evening.
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