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Ender Lilies - Full Game Map & Area Maps

Written by Demajen   /   Updated: July 5, 2021    

The whole map, with all pickups, bosses, spirits, lore texts, etc marked on.

Note: This awesome map was created by Demajen. If you want to support him, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter.

Full Game Map

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Individual Area Maps

Each of these took around 4 hours to make, and involved piecing together a lot of screenshots in a similar fashion to how I did for my Carrion maps a few months ago.

Because I used my 100%, endgame save file to do this for ease of getting around, all doors were opened, all switches and levers were flicked, and all pustulant walls were broken.

I've put all the red pustulant walls back in by hand — both the darker ones that don't require much force and the larger glowing ones that require a fully-charged spectral lance charge.

PS: The numbers don't necessarily indicate an order of progression — though with MY terrible level of skill, they're probably in the order I'd tackle them.

01 - Cathedral

02 - White Parish

03 - Cliffside Hamlet

04 - Witch's Thicket

05 - Catacombs

06 - Twin Spires & Hinterlands

07 - Stockade

08 - Ruined Castle

09 - Verboten Domain & The Abyss

Written by Demajen.

Game:   Ender Lilies