Idol Manager – Keyboard Shortcuts and Cheats

While I’m sure I will miss a few things, I want to remind you that, from what I gather, Idol Manager is meant to be a challenge so to get the most fun out of the game don’t bother using cheats… or at the very least use them sparingly.

Normal Commands

  • Time speed: 1,2,3
  • Spacebar: pause/resume
  • Right mouse button: close/open side tab
  • Middle mouse button: open next side tab
  • M: Mute music
  • Z: Performance
  • X: Promotion
  • C: Spa


This cheat menu was probably meant to be removed from the debug as it will cause complications with certain hotkeys.

Before you can use the cheats press F7 five times (I’m not kidding). After pressing it five times you should hear a sound similar to coins being added to a jar of coins, (best analogy I can think of,) this means the debug menu is active.

  • ~ (the tilde key) will trigger a dialog *Note you may need a certain number of idols or staffers*
  • Z to trigger a local audition
  • X to trigger a regional
  • C to you guessed it worldwide audition
  • Y will give you 1 Million Yen
  • F will add 100 fans
  • P will add 1000 research points of each type
  • U will unlock all generes for producing singles however becareful with this one as one person in the comments claimed that the U key made singles impossible to produce.

I do want to repeat that cheats does make the game less exciting so use it only if stuck between a rock and a hard place… or… not I can’t tell you what to do.

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