Party Hard – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to TheBrig!

Guide on all 27 achievements of Party Hard.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Total Number of Achievements: 27
  • Online Achievements: 0
  • Offline Achievements: 27
  • Broken Achievements: 0
  • DLC Required: Yes (Free)
  • Difficulty: 2/10
  • Time: 8 hours


  • Beat all main levels
  • Beat the level from the free DLC
  • Get a 20-kill combo
  • Kill people in various ways
  • Die 100 times
  • Launch the game 100 times


  • Requires the free DLC “Party Hard – Dark Castle”.
  • Achievements can be unlocked in Steam Workshop levels.

Game Progression Achievements

Start Party Hard

This achievement is supposed to be unlocked by clicking on “New Game” in the main menu. For me, however, it unlocked right after beating the BBQ Party level.


  • Complete the game.

This achievement is unlocked by completing the main game levels. Those are:

  • BBQ Party
  • Biker Party
  • Casino Party
  • NeonTop Party
  • Boat Party
  • Miami Party
  • Party Bus
  • Open Air
  • Pool Party
  • Halloween Party
  • Campus Party
  • Underground Sick

Old Castle

  • Complete Castle level.

Unlocked by completing the Castle level, acquired from the free DLC “Party Hard – Dark Castle”

Lol, Really?

  • Complete all achievements.

Kill and Trap Achievements

Sweet Dreams

  • Kill 50 stunned persons.

There are a few ways to stun people, but traps and explosives are the most common. Stunned people lie on the floor and have a ‘Zzzz’ icon over their head. Keep in mind that drunk people are not considered stunned.

Rider on the storm

  • Kill 15 people with one car.

This can easily be done on the Casino Party level. At the beginning of the level, there will be a huge line of people right on the vehicle’s path. Go through the secret passage on the bottom-left corner, just outside the building, then go to the car, start it and hope that there are enough people on its way.

Shadow Master

  • Kill 30 people without alarm in one level.

On the NeonTop Party level. As soon as the level starts, go to the DJ and start the Konga Line. Go to the electric box in the bottom-right corner of the dance floor and wait until the konga line is over the dance floor. Activate the electric box trap.

Hey, Stop!

  • Kill person who runs to call police 20 times.

When a person spots a dead body or a murder, they’ll run towards the closest telephone to call the police. Kill them before they reach the telephone. A person who’s trying to reach a telephone has a yellow telephone icon over their head.

Venomous Rush

  • Poison 100 people.

There are two ways to poison people, either poison the food or drink barrels in the parties or manually poison individuals with the ‘Poison’ item.


  • Kill 50 persons with horse.

To get this achievement, you must scare horses into kicking people. This achievement actually counts the amount of times a horse does a lethal kick, and not the amount of people killed. That means that if a single kick gets more than 1 kill, it’ll only count as 1 towards the achievement.

Garbage Collector

  • Hide 50 bodies.

Anywhere where a body can be hid counts, for example Sewers, Ice machines and trash.

Wait, It Will Be Fun

  • Use traps 50 times.

Traps are the interactable environmental items you can use to create chaos. Simply activate traps 50 times. Kills with the traps aren’t required.


  • Pass level without traps 3 times.

Complete a map without using traps. Collected items seem to affect this as well, maybe unintentionally. Easiest map to get this on is the Party Bus. There are plenty of Steam Workshop levels with low complexity, which make this achievement trivial.


  • Kill 1000 people.

Will require replaying some levels. For comparison, I finished my first playthrough of the main levels with almost 800 kills.

Kilstreak Combos Achievements


  • Kill 10 people in a row.


  • Kill 15 people in a row.


  • Kill 20 people in a row.

These achievements can be unlocked easily on the Party Bus level, by using the smoke grenade you can get from the briefcase to briefly stun people. If you’re having trouble with this, play on the Workshop level “100 Combo”, to easily slay more than enough people with a sword.

Can only be unlocked while playing as the main character!

Miscellaneous Achievements

I’m sexy and I know it!

  • Get your ass kicked for dance.

Hold the dance button until people start attacking you. Keyboard default key for dancing is ‘Q’


  • Lose level with 1 alive person.

An easy way to get this achievement is to save a lethal trap like the wooden logs or gasoline, then kill everyone except for 1 person, and kill yourself afterwards. Works by getting caught/busted by police or guards as well.


  • Kill all robbers in Casino level.

At the start of the Casino Party level, you’ll see some robbers going towards the top-right corner of the map. Let them kill the person and start gathering the money. Approach them from the right side and kill them. They’ll try to run away to the right side, so staying on the doorway and spamming the kill key is the easiest option you have.


  • Complete level in 3 minutes.

This can easily be done on the Party Bus or Boat Party levels. For comparison, I managed to get this on my first try on the Boat level with 10 seconds to spare, and on the Bus level with over 2 minutes to spare.


  • Complete level without found body.

This is easily done on the Miami Party level. As soon as the level starts interact with the telephone to make some zombies join the party. Wait until every person has become a zombie. Start killing the zombies, they do not notice dead bodies. Also, be careful not to die to the zombies, they might chase you if you get close, so take them on one at a time.

  • Detailed guide here.


  • Complete level with FBI.

Complete a level while the FBI is active on the map. Kill a policeman to get the FBI to appear. Do so when there aren’t many people remaning to kill.

  • Detailed guide here.

Catch me if you can

  • Escape from cop.

If anyone spots you commiting a murder, they might warn the police when they arrive. There will be a shackle icon over your head if you’re being hunted by the police. Just run around the map and avoid getting caught, the police will eventually give up. Use secret passageways to your advantage, as cops cannot go through these.

Chase Breakers

  • Escape cop 5 times.

Simply evade the police 5 times on the same level while being hunted.


  • Die 100 times.

Note that getting caught by the police does not count towards this achievement. The player must actually die, by explosions, cars or wooden logs, for example.


  • Play Party Hard 100 times.

Launch the game from Steam 100 times. Select windowed mode, then just launch the game and close the window repeatedly

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