Party Hard – Cunning Achievement (Easy Way)

This Is a Quick And Easy Guide to Complete The “Cunning” Achievement which is to complete a level with the FBI.

Cunning Achievement – Halloween Party

Cunning achievement – Complete a level with the FBI!

Tip: to get the FBI into the level you need to kill two cops.

  • Choose the halloween party with the normal guy.
  • Kill the people inside the tourture traps to attract the cops.
  • When the cop enters/leaves kill him with the horse, 1 down.
  • Continue the level as normal untill there are 5 people left,
    (we do this because it is easyer to kill 5 people with the FBI than 15).
  • Next time the cops come kill him with the horse again, the FBI should now come.
  • After killing the cop the second time go to the top right of the screen in the corner, the FBI wont see you up there.
  • Kill the last few people, you will need to time your movements to avoid being caught.

Party Hard - Cunning Achievement (Easy Way)

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