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What is Mecha Knights: Nightmare?

MechaKnights:Nightmare is a single player mech warfare game set in an apocalyptic world beset by mysterious horrors. MechaKnights was born from a love for games such as Armored Core, Front Mission, Earth Defense Force, and Resident Evil with an apocalyptic theme that was inspired by japanese series such as Blue Gender and Muv Luv.

It is the year 2049 and monsters of an unknown origin have appeared on the earth starting an apocalyptic war. The player will find themselves thrust into the role of the pilot of gigantic customizable combat mechs and will engage in massive battles against swarms of dozens of monstrous enemies at once. Over the course of an epic single player campaign they will experience the story of their pilots’ efforts against the encroaching horrors that have besieged our world.

In MechaKnights the player can build a mech in a variety of combinations to suit their playstyle with over several hundred parts.

What engine is the game made in?

The game is made in Unity Engine.

Is this game really made by one Developer?

Yes this game is developed and published by one person.

When will the game be released?

The game is scheduled to be released August 30th 2021.

Is the game cooperative?

Unfortunately, there will be no co-op mode in the game, it will focus on a single player campaign.

Co-op mode would greatly extend the production time as a single developer. I agree it would be really awesome, I really want to do it in future.

Is this game going to be on console?

Currently the game is on PC only, maybe in the future.

Will this game release on drm-free retailers like GOG?

Yes, I want to have the game in other stores including GOG. Steam version of the game won’t have connection requirements or any drm.


So how are you meant to survive the horde?

The hordes of enemies drop crates at random, some are health, ammo, and energy which can aid you in your survival on the battlefield. There are also active modules to call in supplies via helicopter, repair health, recharge energy, and reload ammo.

EDF? Does this mean Infinite ammo?

Ammo is limited, maximum ammo capacity can be increased through installing external ammo containers on your mech, or upgrading the ammo capacity with currency found during missions.

Will there be progression unlocks?

Progression unlocks are linear based, as you go further into the game you will unlock higher tiered parts from enemy drops. You can go back to prior missions or participate in raid missions to obtain more parts and currency for upgrades.

Is there a shop to buy parts?

There is no shop menu. Inspiration for obtaining parts came from Earth Defense Force, through defeating enemies and picking up dropped items from them, there are also some crates scattered across the missions as well containing parts, ammo, energy and health.

Just how many parts are in the game?

There are currently over 250+ parts in the game.

Will there be different kinds of leg models?

Currently there are no other kinds of leg models, just bipedal options of varying weight and size.

What about Gun Arms?

No Gun arms, though maybe in the next game.

Can I melee in this game?

No melee mechanics, the gameplay is focused on ranged weapons of different types.

Can I fly in this game?

There is no flight in this game, though there is a boosting mechanic to expedite movement across the battlefield, you are unable to fly.

How to use Active Modules and Equipment?

Abilities can be used from the quick access bar on the right part of the screen – controlled by “R” and ”T” keys. Abilities can also be activated using numerical keys 1-8, the corresponding key is displayed on the quick access bar.


How long is the game?

The Campaign is currently 20 missions long with replayability, there are also Raid missions unlocked at certain thresholds.

What are the raid missions?

The raid missions are Wave based battles, survive as long as you can and when things get too rough you can extract via aircraft. The longer you survive the more currency and parts you acquire. But be warned, the hordes will not stop coming and send more powerful foes to ensure your defeat!

Can I replay missions?

All missions are replayable; you can go back to the campaign screen and select them and play normally.

Why do I keep getting the Default mech for mission 1 when replaying it?

Mission 1 is intended to be a tutorial mission, you will be assigned a default mech for the duration of that mission then return to hangar with your normal mech. This is similar with a few other missions where a part is replaced on your mech.


Does this game support Xbox controllers?

Currently there is no support for controllers but some of the QA team have created workarounds for the players.

Steam controllers -simply download the configuration files when available, big screen mode is required.

  • steam://controllerconfig/1163870/2522719909

Xbox and Playstation controllers – third party application to enable mouse/keyboard support.

This does not mean controller support won’t be coming.

Is there any modding for this game?

There is no mod support for the time being.

Where is my save file located?

Save files are located in C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalLowMKSMecha Knights

Are the saves cloud based?

Game saves are local only.

Can we expect a sequel?

A sequel would be great, we will have to wait and see how things pan out.

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