Mecha Knights: Nightmare – How to Change Keybindings

A guide on how to change bindings for Mecha Knights: Nightmare.

Guide to Change Keybindings

Getting Started

Mecha Knights Nightmare launched with keybinding options, though some seem to have having a hard time finding the options menu to do this in, as a result this guide is meant to help instruct people on how to find the keybinding menu in-game.

On Booting

When booting the game, you will be presented with the main menu, this will give the player various buttons to click through, “New Game”, “Continue” (If you have a save file), “Load game”, “Options” and “Quit”.


From the start menu, click the “Options” tab, then click “Game Controls”, from here you`ll be presented with the controls menu that will allow you to rebind controls for your mouse and keyboard.

While In-Game

If you would like to bind controls while in-game, please press the Pause/Escape button during gameplay, this will open the pause menu, in the pause menu click “Game controls”, and you will be presented with the binding menu for the game, it will look like the image below.

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