Lakeview Cabin 2 – Episode 1 / Side B (Walkthrough)

A quick, spoiler-heavy guide to Side-B (including how to access Side-B) of Lakeview Cabin 2 Episode 1.

How to Access Side B

A new movie reel appears in the living room of the house after you beat Episode 1 (by defeating all killers and escaping through the white orb in the forest clearing). It clearly has the words “Side B” written on it. Drop it into the movie projector and the option to hit “up” in front of the movie screen appears. Going through the screen turns the game black-and-white and takes you to an alternate version of the Episode 2 level, complete with hokey popcorn aliens (literally) that have occupied your lakeview cabin.

How to Kill Aliens

Side B is incredibly easy once you understand the aliens, who can all be taken out using the same weapon: gasoline and matches.

The aliens have ray guns that do not damage your character, but make your character’s head explode after a short period. This period resets when you leave the ray, so it is easy to pop into a room and pop out before exploding. You have time to enter a room; immediately throw, drop, or pickup one item; and leave the room without dying.

Aliens have a set pattern in a single room, and many are facing away from the doorway your character enters (such as the toolshed alien). The easiest way to beat an alien is to drop and pickup the gasoline can to create a gasoline stain either next to the alien (if standing) or in the alien’s path (if walking). Throw a match at the stain to light up the alien, which will then pop like popcorn. Aliens do not light on fire if they just walk over a burning gasoline patch; they must be standing near the patch more-or-less at the moment you throw the match. For standing aliens, this is easy.

For walking aliens, look into the room from outside by holding “up” in front of the doorway (or stairs). When the alien passes, pop in and drop a gasoline stain slightly more than one match-throw away from the door. Leave the room, pick up the matches, and look through the door to see when the alien passes by facing the direction of the gasoline stain. The moment the alien is past the doorway, pop in behind its back and throw the match. If you timed it well, it will light the gasoline as the alien walks by, popping them. If not, don’t worry, you have plenty of chances to try again once the fire goes out. Do not enter the room until the fire goes out.

This can kill all aliens but the one in the bathroom (see walkthrough).

Walkthrough – Kill All Aliens

At the start of the level, all items are in their original locations from episode 1, so use the item guide to episode 1 to find them. The parents are in the living room with an alien guarding them, so they cannot leave. Control the girl and pick up her backpack, which will allow you to carry both the gasoline and matches.

Walk to the sauna to pick up the matches. There is only one alien to avoid along the way, in the hallway outside the childrens’ rooms. Outside the sauna, peek through the door to avoid the sauna alien, pop in to grab the matches and leave.

Head to the tool shed to grab the ladder (which can also fit into the backpack). Walk to the guest house to get the gasoline. Peek through the door to avoid the alien, pop in to grab the gasoline, and leave. Now kill the alien in the guest house (see “how to kill aliens”). After the fire goes out, use the ladder to get the biggest firework, which is used to drive away the alien spaceship.

Kill all the aliens in the level except the bathroom alien. I believe that is: Guest house, childrens’ bedroom hallway, living room, toolshed, and sauna. The toolshed is dark, but the alien is to the right with its back turned, so you can move to the left to turn on the lights with no problem. There are no aliens in the well, underground chamber, forest clearing, or cultists’ island.

The bathroom alien is unique: it stands in the shower away from the bathroom door but facing the door, so it cannot be easily killed like the others. It is easiest to kill it by entering with the gasoline, immediately throwing the gasoline, and leaving. Grab the matches and enter, throw a match, and leave. The alien may be dead once the gasoline explodes. If not, grab the propane tank from outside the kitchen door and throw/light it just like the gasoline. If that doesn’t work (what did you do?), you can also try the microwave trick.

Sometimes when you hit up to leave, you will accidentally sit on the toilet. That’s fine, since the alien cannot hit you with the ray gun on the toilet. Just keep hitting up and right until you leave.

Walkthrough – Drive Away The Mothership

Take the large firework to the ground directly below the alien spaceship. Light it, and after several seconds of fireworks the ship will slowly fly away. Congrats, you beat the aliens! A cutscene plays and you are taken out of the level.

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