DayZ – How to Survive

This guide started as an idea of game guide…but ultimately ended as something much more.


So this started as an Idea of a game guide true personal diary and experience gathered true research and investigating but ended as something much more.

My idea was to help new players to get better understanding of the game and what is happening but it ended with me getting totally new understanding of myself…So I spent allot of times analyzing myself instead of the game. So I am now free to say that DayZ kinda changed my view of a life….

So everything started couple of months ago when i was provoked to start asking question about the game itself…I was provoked to this questions after completing four [4] full loot routes that ultimately ended with : “You are dead” screen.

So this was the point where I asked myself first question that set an chain of complex events that will change my point and view on a life completely.

Question # 1: What em I doing here & what I did wrong?

This question came out of pure frustration, I was pissed on my decision to go and loot military tents near “Kamenka” in a broad daylight with me standing on top of the wire mesh block and shooting a Zeds without silencer with my SKS….and I got face-raped by someone who was near who hear me and decided to KOS me for multiple different reasons….

So here the analysis of my wrong behavior.

Behavior Rules!

1. Assuming that you are alone just because you are playing on low pop server at the end of the map is WRONG.

So rules:

  • Never assume anything as you have extremely high statistical chance that you are wrong.
  • Never be static as you are an easy target.
  • Don’t shoot supersed or unsupresed unless it is a matter of life and death.
  • Recon Area before you move in!

Lets explain REACON term in a nutshell.

So Recon means you need to find god over watch position above the Are/Point of interest from where you need to observe it. Observation shouldn’t take to long but just enough to gather useful intel.

INTEL = Clues that someone is or was there, look for dead or agroed ZED’s, listen for shoots, door opening closing.

Intel is most important part of the game as it will stop you from assuming and will push you to work with real and valid information’s you gathered.

Information/Intel is number 1 on the list of important things simply because good intel is key factor in decision making process…We can even put this in to the Math formula which looks something like this:

  • Example 1: Good Intel + game knowledge = good decision
  • Example 2: Bad Intel + game knowledge = bad decision

But there is one more thing…Good decision can put you in a bad place at the bad time and vice versa, which bring us to second very important question: “Is there a way to be 100% sure that your intel gathering was on spot and that you made best possible decision?”

The Answer is: NO and here is why…

Well like anything else in the life we can’t be sure that the decision is a good one simply because humans are very complex and in decision making process allot is included…Like your culture, fears, assumptions, your character and so on… So it is impossible to put all different personalities in to one formula, but that is the beauty of the life…we are different and we are unique…that is why our behavior is different and our decisions are different.

But wait!? Isn’t that the point of everything? To explore life? To explore possibilities?

Well yes it is, but we are here to accomplish something…we are here to get gud in Dayz…So with that being said lets proceed to the Knowledge gathering process.

Learning Curve

In order to learn something we would need information about the thing we want to learn.

So here are some important questions we must ask…

1. How the game is work?

Game is designed to put you as close to the reality as possible without boring stuff.

So game will hunt you until your done by throwing on you Weather elements, statistical factors and various other elements that we all know…but there is one hidden thing in all of that…There are two beauties in all of that, same as in life…

Number one beauty is: Everything that starts needs to end cuz Whats is a wave without the ocean? A beginning without an end? They are different but they go together…

And beauty number two is: We are making decision what are we going to do with our life…are we going to be a bandit? a Hero? Medic? Farmer? group of friends having a good time? Random person that crossed our path? What ever you decide no one can take away from you your story! No one can take away from you that you existed at that specific time at that place…And that is it…Simple as that.

The only difference you can make is to arm yourself with game knowledge and a goal.

2. How to explore game mechanics and server side behavior?

It is simple you can easily boot up your local server and start fresh and alone, without gear fear and under your terms. I did it and that bring us to the next one.

Local Server / Practice and Training Grounds

A lot of people thinks that they needs to be tech wizards in order to boot up server but that is not true, so I will save you time and I will link you a video where you can do it in 10 minutes, and if you still can’t do it…buzz me and I will help you out.

So you are all set, you have your server, you are the king of Chernarus and or Livonia, but don’t be greedy…do not use admin privileges!

So lets start…

Hm fresh spawn, Day is beautiful and I have a goal. My goal is Get all the gear you can have, get all the vehicles, make a base…no make a bases

So step one is gathering basics like food, clothes and some type of a weapon…Berezino was good enough to provide me with everything I needed….Damn this is good..There is a loot everywhere, and guess where em I???I am standing on top of the Berezino Police station with no fear of death….Damn that shoots from Glock sound so good in the morning…Later that day I am looting near the Kamisovo when my hearth almost drooped me dead!!!!???!?!?! The doors are freaking opened on the police station?!?!?!?! What the ♥♥♥?! gun is out and I am properly CQB-ing the station, I found damaged Hoodie with 9*19mm Ammo inside of it! Is it possible that someone was here ??!! in my house?! my Kingdom?? Paranoia is kicking in..I am sweating….and in all of that I forgot to close the door of station and whola here comes allot of zeds..I am shooting them and ultimately my gun jammed and I decided to jump of the station roof in order to avoid zeds and Whola I am bleeding with broken leg and you are dead screen pope up!

WTF just happen was natural question to follow.

There was no player on my local server as that is kinda impossible and I just freaked out cuz Information I gathered was wrongly wrong that pushed me in to the Panic mode. Game is design to do just that! to provide you with false set of information that will make you think that you are not alone!

So basically you will need to learn how to gather and how to process information’s in order to get good 😀

So here we go again new life and new chance and same goal.

I was well away looting for a few days towns and military locations when first problem appears that needed to be solved.

Almost all ammunition and weapon cleaning kits I gather i spend on killing zeds…Hm that seems not to be right.

Well that learned me how to silent kill them with melle attacks, how to be stealthy and silent. That pushed me to learn how to avoid them efficiently.

Zeds are actually almost blind and if you are not directly in front of them there is a chance that zeds will not notice you…you must also be silent (crouch walking), and it seems that going bare foot can help reduce the noise but can give you quite a few cuts.

So when I bypass Zed handling and ammunition/gun problems there was yet another problem on the merge that needs to be solved, and it needs to be solved fast and efficiently..

That problem was way to much loot to carry on foot. I had 3 rifles AKM, M4A1 and USGS + Medical, food, spare ammo, wrong ammo, ♥♥♥♥ load of attachments and so on.

So I stood inside the Prison building in MB VM Military base near Vibor and just put a thought to it and I think I found good solution and here it is:

  • Step 1: Use tents inside military bases to store extra loot (I know hardly applicable to live server).
  • Step 2: Find a car and load extra loot from a few tents you stored inside the military locations.
  • Step 3: Transport car with loot to a Base location…

Wait I did not have a base but I at last had a location and location was inside the walls of the peers in the Niznoe.

So I spent a few days chasing car and car parts and there was in Zelenegors was White olga. I cant explain how exited I was about that car….So I Quickly fixed her ( Gas, water, parts) and I was heading on for a first tents i set at MB VM base when I learned something new….Car is awesome tool for killing zombies. So I Killed them all loaded all the loot and headed on for Nizhnoye.

I literally set up shop there, tents, walls, Watchtower, Flag, Generators, flood lights…Anything that could be used in game i had it there.

Now i headed for NW Airfield cuz i had 2 tents there with metric ton of military loot.

When I arrived there I quickly killed zeds with a car and loaded up….

On the way home I was relaxed, self satisfied with successfully accomplished 3 step mission mentioned above when DISASTER Strikes on the brinks of a home….Camp that became my home…

It was dark and I totally forgot on barricades past Solnicni near the industrial area and again I got dead screen…. I was properly dead…Cause of death: Car accident…

Well this leached me allot…Well If you are not planing for the problem that is ok…but problems do happens even if we don’t count on them. So for the next time plan possible problems like car failure, broke down, accidents so from now on I always had prepared kit for my planed missions like spare parts, tools, food, medical…

From this point on all my missions where planed in smallest bits of details like where are you going, what are you doing, what routes and recon points you are taking and based on all of those questions I had prepared Kits. Kits I made was mission specific, gun types and attachments, ammo quantities, emergency medical, amount of food and so on.

At this point I was well organized, equipped and planed everything out.

So planing is an important ting especially when it is combined with well prepared kit.

So lets summarize what I learned so far so here are the rule sets below.

  • Don’t panic!
  • Proper information gathering and processing.
  • Shoot ONLY when it is a matter of life or death.
  • Learn how to tame the beast! (Zed behavior and avoidance)
  • Plan you actions.
  • Prepare gear for your planed actions.

Questions, Questions Questions

I was siting inside of my base and I felt some sadness that again drive me to think about it, to yet again self analyze what is wrong.

  • I accomplished my goals…
  • I had everything…
  • Gear, cars, home…

But that was not enough.

Then I realized that I was alone..there was no one to share with my home, my gear, my missions….There was no one to share my story.

Naturally followed up that it is not important what you have…

You are a link that matters the most in the game.

It is about you and your story.

A lot of people are very critical about the game developers and the game itself but it is not the problem in the game…The problem is in us…and always will be.

So conclusion can sound stupid or not complex enough…Don’t be so focused on get good, or on having best rifle in game…You should be focused on your Story.

So fellow survivor when you spawn again look at the sky and find yourself a purpose and that is it…Simple as it sounds.

Human kind knows how to make simple stuff complicated…

Well I am afraid that the character named Wolf on my local server hit end of the road.

Wolf laid down in the tent to have a proper good nap with important task accomplished…

Task to learn me that no all question has answers but be sure fellow survivor that all of the questions has its own purpose.

Night came and server went down.Now I am happy again… I learned allot and I am very existing about new challenges that will new 1.14 update throw at us.

Happy hunting!

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