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DayZ - Beginner Tips & Tricks

Written by Nikey   /   Jun 27, 2019    
DayZ - Beginner Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Do not trust anyone in this game, no matter how much time you've spent with them, especially with fresh spawns

Everyone wants to backstab everyone in this game, stop trying to befriend people unless you somehow take them by surprise, cuff them and hope there's a 1/100 chance they're actually friendly. Ignore this tip if you want to die constantly.

Learn the map, use external maps, hiking trails are useless unless you're into some kind of challenge or a role-player

Just use external maps such as Izurvive.com, enough said.

Carry rags in pants, top and backpack so if you get shot, not all of it gets ruined

Pretty self explanatory.

Never, ever go straight for the loot

If you kill someone, he might have friends around, so if you go straight for the loot, and you're some kind of slow looter, you will most likely get shot and killed by their mates.

Don't carry too much food, eat it when you find it

Food, especially at high amounts, takes a lot of inventory space and it is heavy, meaning you'll have less stamina. Eat food when you find it, if you need food that is.

You dont always need a backpack

If you plan on being a bandit, you will not need a backpack at all. All the essential things are bullets, mags and now, with the addition of the grenades, maybe an explosive 'nade or a smoke just for fun. Ofcourse, if you plan on making a base, which I highly discourage, get a big backpack.

Base-building is useless, unless you got a few friends

It takes hours upon hours to make 4 simple walls and make a square, not worth it. Remember a fresh spawn with a hatched can get in and get all the loot within 10 minutes. Instead, just burry stashes here and there, you can do that with a shovel.

Know the busy areas, these are: NWAF, Berezino, Elektro, Kamyshovo & Cherno

Last two are not as popular from my experience.

The best item in this game is the Tape

The god-given Tape can fix everything from helmets to guns and clothes. It does have a durability, yes, but when it is almost over, you can just tie your hands and then break out, getting yourself a fresh new piece of Tape.

Written by Nikey.

Game:   DayZ