Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Beast / Fane Honour Build – Eternal Knights

Knights Build Guide for Fane or Beast or any Humans and Dwarves. This build is meant for 4-man Party.

Team comp: best goes with another front-liner so you don’t take all the heats early on. I personally took another 2-hander so you have 2 psychopaths running around and aid each others in combat. The third could be a Ranger or Rogue. The last should be a dedicated support to babysit the knights the early on.

As for why no mages: if you decide to run a similar party comp like me, you don’t need mages because they would just end up friendly-fire the knights. If you put more focus for the mages, then knights can’t reach thier full potential as thier playstyles are similar to mages: gather enemy close & spin those aoe.. so yeah, no mages if you brought 2 knights, a mystical supporter is ok.

Stats Distribution

All credit goes to Lost Sinner!


  • Atleast 2 points in CON early on then focus only in STR until it hit hard cap (base 40) then put rest of the points into Wits. 
  • At late game you can remove 2 points in CON and put it elsewhere as at that point, there are lot of +CON gears and then there is Picture of Health talent so you don’t really 2 points in CON anymore. 
  • Feel free to raise some memory to get more spell slots, not that knights use that many skills. I didn’t take any, look at the section belows to see what setup i used. But still, that let me stop you, do what you feel comfortable, it’s your game. Like i said, feel free to do so because this doesn’t play any significant part in this build so it doesn’t really matter. 
  • Fane take Wits and Con Lessons in Academy: +5 Wits / + – 5 CON (= 0 CON) / -5 INT 
  • Beast take Str Lesson in Academy: +5 STR / -5 Wits

Combat Skills:

  • Raise just enough Warfare to use skills early game then focus all into Two-Handed. 
  • Atleast 1 Scoundrel for The Pawn and Adrenaline. 2 Necromancy for Fane and 2 Geomancer for Beast. 2 Polymorph for Heart of Steel and Tentacle Lash.
  • 2 Aero for Teleportation. Grab 1 Pyro at level 16+ for Peace of Mind. Rest of the points go into Warfare after.


  • Thievery then Sneak.


  • The Pawn
  • Bigger and Better
  • All Skilled Up
  • Hot Head
  • Picture of Health
  • Any

Gears / Runes / Frames / Aeterfact


  • Look out for chest / head / amulet with +STR +Warfare, Gloves and Belts have potential to have Two-Handed rolls on them so keep an eye out. There are actually a decent amount of uniques for Knights throughout the game but only 3 of them actually last it to late game. Amulet (+5 STR) sold by NPC called “Cat” in Lord Kemm Mansion in Arx , Kvyn’s Hands (+7 STR) in the Doctor’s Basement, Vrogir Boots (+3 STR) on Nameless Isle. 
  • Rings with +Warfare or +Scoundrel is cool, if any of them have skills that related to the sub-trees i used in this build (+Necromancy/+Geomancer/+Aero) then you can respec the base points away and spend them elsewhere as you need no higher than the requirement points to use those skills. 
  • For weapons, look out for +10/20% Critchance or +3 STR / +1 Two Hand. If you’re lucky you might get both in one weapon. And preferably ones with rune slot.


  • Amulet: Flame Rune (+6/9/12% critchance) 
  • Armour/Shield: Masterwork (+20/30/40% phys armour) 
  • Weapon: Masterwork Rune (+9/11/13/15% physical damage) 


  • Amulet: Mystical Flame (+1 Pyrokinetic) 
  • Armour/Shield: Power Masterwork (+2/3 STR) 
  • Weapon: Power Masterwork (+2/3 STR)

Eternal Aeterfacts:

It can’t be REMOVED once plugged and they are also LIMITED, so only use when you know for sure that piece of gear is going to be with you for a looong time.

  • Gloves: +2 CON , +10% Earth Resistance
  • Belt: +2 STR , +1 Warfare

Abilities Setups

Recipe for Poison Potions:

  • Empty Potion + Ooze Barrel = Small Poison Potions
  • 2 same tier of potions combined = 1 greater tier potions.

Empty potions and Ooze Barrels are plenty in Fort Joy, this will help your undead Fane alot in early game.

Early Game (1~9)

  • Battering Ram Rush foward to your target, can use as a gap closer as well as to set knockdown on your enemies. 
  • Battle Stomp: pretty decent aoe radius in a straight line, dealing 90% dmg and set knockdowns on enemies, also clear surfaces. 
  • Enrage: Use it to deal 100% crit chance early on. 
  • Adrenaline: More AP, besides you’re going to need The Pawn too. 
  • Heart of Steel: grants decent amount of armour, also regen armour per turn for 3 rounds. 
  • Shackle of Chain(Fane) Reflect 100% dmg to the chained target, enemy will end up hurting itself by attacking Fane. Sometimes they will even ignore Fane with Chain on to save thier allies, it’s a win-win. As either ways, Fane lives and it will die eventually. 
  • Fortify (Beast): grants decent amount of armour, can cast on self or allies. 
  • Tentacle Lash: more CC, use to shutdown weapon users like archers or melees for one turn. 
  • Fossil Strike / Impalement (Beast): aoe slow, pick the better one Impalement later once it’s available at level 4 because it has bigger radius. 

Your support character will aid knights in other needs: heals / shields / buffs like Haste for an example, very useful for the Knights.

Mid Game (10~16)

  • Phoenix Dive long range jump, can be use as gap closer if the moevement cost is too much even with The Pawn and Haste.
  • Crippling Blow:You can either use it as single target attack or mutiple targets attack. Targets need to be close to each other for this skill to hit them all. 
  • Teleportation: use this to gather enemies close together so you combo Crippling Blow for damage or Battle Stomp on them for knockdowns next. 
  • Uncanny Evasion: Your dodging is increased by 90% and your Movement Speed is increased by 20%. Pretty much unkillable for 1 turn given that you already killed the mages (spells don’t care about dodge) 
  • Bone Cage (Fane): Boost Physical Armour based on how many dead bodies near you. Can grants massive amount of Armour if used after you pull off a few kills with only 1 AP cost. 
  • Earthquake (Beast): massive aoe slow and knockdowns. Sometimes you might not able to finish everyone, only manage to get thier armours broke but they are everywhere. Earthquake will help you knocking everyone down in a massive aoe radius.

Late Game (17~23)

  • Peace of Mind: at this point you should have enough gears, rune and frames that boost critical chances as well decent points in Wits. You can replace Enrage with Peace of Mind instead. 
  • Whirlwind: big aoe attack. 
  • Blitz: yet another gap closer, jump to enemies dealing damage to them, can hit up to 2 targets. 
  • Thick of the Battle: Gain a damage boost for every nearby character.
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