Starbound – Modded Performance Guide

Guide to Modded Performance


As someone with 250+ mods, I scowered the internet for solutions to the occasional fps drops that you will run into when running a modded Starbound and while there are many out there, decided to put them in one place here. It’ll be fast and short.

Simple Things

  • Don’t use frackin with a mod list of 200+ mods.
  • Turning off Steam overlay.
  • Apparently being in windowed fullscreen helps, but let’s be honest you’re already doing that so you can alt+tab so ignore this. Windowed might be better. Can’t vouch for that.
  • Turning off any type of overlay, Nvidia Geforce Experience instant replay, discord, etc.
  • Turning off v-sync, can be done multiple ways though the easiest is through the starbound.cfg in Starbound > Storage all the way at the bottom of the .cfg is v-sync true/false.
  • Turning on v-sync via the Nvidia Control Panel may be better if you really want v-sync.
  • I would suggest zoom levels but honestly we all know low zoom levels kinda suck really only do this if your pc potato.
  • Turning on Threaded Optimization through Nvidia Control Panel. Manage 3d settings > Program Settings > Select Starbound.exe
  • Turning on Triple Buffering through the Nvidia Control Panel may make your experience smoother.
  • Messing around with the many Vsync options in Nvidia Control Panel may help you depending on your situation.
  • 64 bit Starbound apparently has a memory leak. I have never had any issues with 64 bit Starbound but changing to 32-bit might make a difference for you.


  • There’s a handy performance collection here where you can choose what mods will suit you. If your PC is a beast, you probably don’t need all of these. If It’s a potato, probably do. Depends on how much quality in graphic/fidelity you want to keep/lose.
  • This mod may help probably as a last resort as frame skipping causes choppier performance.
Written by Earthbound 3

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