Sun Haven – Useful Tips & Tricks

Just some tips & tricks for Sun Haven.

Tips and Tricks for Players

How to Re-Roll Shop Items

Shops like the General Store only sell a certain amount of items daily, and this can be very frustrating if you are trying to find things like furniture sets to decorate your home with. Well currently there’s a neat little trick you can do if you are impatient like me.

So if you don’t want to wait days upon days to complete furniture sets, you can exit the game to the Main Screen and reload your Save File. When you get back into the game all of the Shops currently in the game will have different items for sale. You can do that trick as many times as you like until the Shop closes which is currently at 8pm, then you must go to sleep. When you wake up you can repeat that cycle the next day, so on and so forth until you find the items you were looking for.

How to Make Some Moolah Fast

  • Step 1. Save up some money enough to buy some Shimmerroot and Cinnaberry Seeds.
  • Step 2. Shimmerroot takes 10 days to grow, and Cinnaberries take 6 days to grow. Plant those seeds, water them, and wait for them to grow.
  • Step 3. Once the Shimmerroot and Cinnaberries are grown use your Sickle to harvest them.
  • Step 4. Take the fresh Shimmys and Cinnas to the Cooking Pot, get in that Kitchen and start Cooking! You want to cook the “Shimmerroot Treat”.
  • Step 5. Once your Shimmerroot Treat is ready put it in the Shipping thingy, and the next day you will get paid for the Shipment.

If you need more money repeat each step, good-luck!

Below are some extra optional tips.

You can equip these Keepsakes for even more money:

  1. Riches Keepsake, unlike the other Keepsakes you cannot currently buy this one from any shop. In order to obtain this Keepsake you must choose it after creating your Character.
  2. Anne’s Pearl Earrings, equipping them gives you 10 Gold when you craft things, and 200 Gold daily.
  3. Claude’s House Key, equipping this will net you 500 Gold daily.

How to Teleport to Your Home Quick

Let’s just be honest here, currently in Sun Haven your character walks pretty slow… even with the Skill Points that boost your characters speed a tad.

So a quick way to TP home is to quit the game to the Main Screen, then reload your Save File. Upon reloading your character will be in their Home. You will also notice that re-logging refills your HP (Health) and MP (Mana) bars.

How to change the game time to make the days go by slower

Thankfully there’s an option in the Game Settings to make the days go by faster or slower, unfortunately that option may be easy to miss for some people.

In the Options Menu all you have to do is slide the “Day Speed” scroll bar to either the 40, 30, or 20 mins increments. The 30 mins increment is default. The 40 mins increment means time will move slower, likewise the 20 mins increment means time will go by faster.

How to make your character move somewhat faster

To help your slow character move a long faster be sure to get these Skills:

  1. In the Exploration Skill Tree make sure to get the “Air Skip” Skill! Double Jumping your way around is a God send!
  2. You can also pick up “Hustle I & II” for a total of a 12% increase in movement speed.
  3. Get a Mount, you can currently get either a Lion, Witches Brooms, or a Skateboard. After getting a Mount, make sure to pick up the “Expert Rider” in the Exploration Skill Tree. The Expert Rider skill will give you a 5% increase in movement speed while you are on your Mount.
  4. Befriend Donovan and get his “Dog Tag”, when you equip it you will get a 6% increase in Movement Speed, along with a +5 Damage to All Attacks, and a +20% Jump Height bonus.
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