Sun Haven – Basic Guide

This is just for a reference if you forget and some useful tips.

Guide to Basics


Hey so for those that haven’t played computer or just want a solid concept of the controls.

  • W – Move Up
  • S – Move Down
  • A – Move Left
  • D – Move Right
  • E – Access Inventories, pet animals and open doors.
  • Q – Spell Slot 1
  • R – Spell Slot 2
  • K – Skills
  • L – Quests
  • I – Inventory
  • M – Map
  • Tab – Inventory
  • Esc – Pause menu (Stops the Game Single Player)
  • Space – Jump
  • Left Click – Use Tool or Consume Item
  • Right Click – Alt Item Use, Pick Up Animals
  • Scroll Wheel – Change hot bar slot
  • 1-0 – Select the hot bar slot
  • Enter – Brings up chat window

Hot Bar is the bar in the middle of your screen.



With Farming you use a hoe on grass to turn it to a field where you can then place a seed on it. Once done you will need to water with the watering can until it grows then harvest with a Scythe. Note the hoe can make a field but also right click to turn the field to grass.


Left click with your sword or bow to deal damage to foes, a good place to start is going to the right side of the beach. If you go their for the first time you’ll get fishing.


You have two spell slots and once you gain a spell to assign it a slot hover over the 2 Purple Sun circles above the bar a menu should pop up. To use the spells push the assigned button either Q or R. Hover over the spell to see it’s mana cost. Air Skip takes 2 mana to use.


To the very right of the map you will gain access to the mine, to break rocks left click with your pick axe. To progress through the mines you need to craft a corresponding key or find a rusty key hidden in the rocks.


It’s simple just explore and pick up items from the ground, shake trees, or gather mushrooms off the trees with E you can also break pots in the mine.


Just have conversations with NPC’s and get to know them and fill up their heart bar.

Sun Haven

Welcome to Sun Haven you’ll spend most of your time here.


It’s where you start. Plant, water and harvest crops. Grind crops, Cook food, craft furniture and smith armour and weapons.


The main Currency you’ll use through out the game.


Library, Cafe, Hospital, General Store, Record Store, Tavern, Town Hall, Farming Store, Clothing Sore, Salon, Barracks, Rex’s Mining Cart, Scott’s Weapon Cart, Bakery, Kitty’s Ranch, Pet Store, Cynthia’s Cart of Love, Solon’s Smithery and The Mine.


Welcome to the heart and soul of the Elves, mana and magic in an abundance.

Mana Orbs

So first time in Nel’Vari and you can’t buy anything but some Energy Smoothie that tastes electrifying. Well to gain mana you have to infuse your mana in the statues around Nel’Vari 1 mana orb= 10 mana also from cutting Trees, mining rocks and using the scythe on weeds.


Sylvius Energy Smoothie and Peace Keepsake, Sylvia’s Apparel, Clemmett’s Mount and Pet Shop, Tornn’s Capes note they don’t come torn that’s his name and Rel’ Tar’s Crossbow’s.


Welcome to Withergate may the darkness cloud your thoughts and your heart. Welcome to the Dark side we have demon seeds and tickets.

Appartment/Rooftop Farm

To become a full citizen you need an apartment which gives you access to a rooftop farm and second Home. How do I get it? Use your exploration skills and have a look around. Something about 2 moons down from the bridge to the Kings Castle.


So first time in Withergate and you can’t buy anything but some seeds. Well use those seeds to plant on your rooftop farm and sell those for tickets.


Hat Shop, Lady who sells seeds for Gold, Pet Shop and The Apartment Building

Wish I Knew

This section is for a list of stuff that people wish they knew when they first started. Will be spoiler heavy.

The fountain in the centre of town provides 5 mana every 7 days, I believe there is a second location unknown to me currently.

Library contains a book to the forest riddle.


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