Battlefield 4 – How to Start Phantom Assignments

How to start the Phantom Assignments, since the Leaderboards page has been removed from Battlelog.

Guide to Start Phantom Assignments

Finding the Skull

The secret skull from the Battlelog website has been moved. Old guides say it’s in the leaderboards page, but it is now located in the age ratings page.

  • Log into battlelog, scroll down, and click this link:

  • Alternatively, you can just click this link.
  • After that, scroll down once again, and click this skull icon:

Entering the Codes

Once you have clicked the skull, you’ll be greeted with a screen similar to this one:

My screen looks a bit different, and mentions “Phase 4 is now active.” That is because I have already entered the codes and activated the assignments. If you haven’t yet done that, you must enter the following codes in order, without the quotation marks, to unlock each of the three assignments:

  • bumpinthenight” – Phantom Prospect
  • epic dream worlds” – Phantom Trainee
  • 24344241893” – Phantom Initiate

Press enter in between each of the codes.

You have now started the Phantom Assigments

You can track them in-game or in the Battlelog website itself.

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