American Truck Simulator – New Time-Passing Exploit

A new way to earn money by fast forwarding time.

How to Earn Money (Fast Method)

The Old Way

The previous way of exploiting the game was to fast travel between owned garages. This passed time and allowed your hired drivers to continue making money and earning experience while you were looking at a loading screen. The distance between the two garages impacted the amount of time that passed.

But since the new update, adding convoy mode and and a quick-travel option, this exploit has been removed. Now travelling to any city, with or without an owned garage, costs a bit of money and does not pass any time. The main reason for this is to allow fast travel while using convoy.

The New Way

However, there is still a way to pass time, earning money, in this new version.

It requires your hired AI drivers to be on duty, and optionally using an owned trailer. When a driver takes a job, there is a certain amount of time it takes for them to complete it, the farther the destination the longer it takes.

While the driver is on duty, either go to the manage trailers screen or manage trucks screen. Then, select “use trailer” or “swap truck”. Doing this will fast forward time to the end of that drivers delivery, where you will either equip the trailer or swap trucks. The time passed allows that particular drivers job to finish, and any other drivers that were on duty to do the same.

Having drivers with more long haul skill will increase the effectiveness of the exploit, as the job will take longer to finish and thus pass more time. I believe that doing this with trailers is simpler to accomplish, as you do not have to bother with switching back and forth and reassigning trucks.

This exploit does require you to be at the garage that the particular trailer or truck is assigned, and of course to have a driver with a truck and/or trailer. I don’t know how this exploit behaves in convoy mode.

This exploit should also work for ETS2.

Too long; Didn’t read

Use the trailer or swap trucks with an AI driver that is doing a job to fast forward time.

Written by 1SlimShaney

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