Encased – How to Get a Servoshell After the Prologue (Exoskeleton or Power Armor)

The servoshell (aka exoskeleton or power armor) you get in the Prologue cannot be taken to the surface so I had to look for it right after I got into the main game.

Guide to Get a Servoshell After the Prologue 


For now, I haven’t found an upgrade up to MKIII, so this guide only has details on how to get an initial (damaged) servoshell and then upgrade it to MKI.

Getting the Servoshell

So without further ado let’s begin:

  1. Go to Magellan base on Level -2 (Warehouse and parking lot) near the big Garage doors.
  2. By using the gates you will get an interaction scene where you will need to let two marines in one of them is injured.
  3. I’m not sure if the injured marine has to be saved in order to get the armor, but I did save him so that is what I advise to do. So first open the door asap by any method available to you and then get him some first aid without getting the servoshell damaged too much.
  4. Once the marines are inside and wounded one is attended to go to the Level -3 (Military post) and speak there with John Keppler (the guy who stands near two servoshells)
  5. He will give you a quest to go the Nashville truck parking and install there some scanner device he will also give to you.
  6. Go to Nashville, get underground, and from there to the truck parking lot (there are two abandoned trucks there). Don’t mix it up with the normal parking where there are several mutants and no trucks. Also if you have a Starfall Jetpack you probably can get on the truck parking lot directly without taking an underground route.
  7. The easiest way to complete the quest is to go into stealth the moment you get out of the sewers as there are several afflicted on this parking lot.
  8. After installing the scanner device go back to Keppler on Level -3 (Military post) in Magellan base and he will give you his friend’s servoshell.

Upgrading the Servoshell

This servoshell is damaged and therefore has lowered stats. To get it into a better state you will need:

  • Basic servoshell manual. You can get it on the same level in a closed storeroom near the Orange wing elevator).
  • Mobios armor plate. Can be looted from any Mobios under the dome. The easiest two I can think of are the destroyed Mobios in the swamp near Picnic Neutral Zone (save before attempting dismantling so you can reload if you don’t get a Mobios armor plate) or a Mobios named “Old Al” which you will need to kill for Aaron in the same Picnic’s swamp.
  • 20x Spare Parts.
  • 2x Fiber Optic Cable.
  • 10x Electrical Equipment.
  • 60 in Tech ability.

Additional Info

P.S. Just in case, as I heard there is a random event where you can meet a guy stuck in his servoshell (probably an homage to “Wizard of Oz” or Fallout 2). It’s said that you can use tech skill and grease to help him. Afterward, you can fix his servoshell (80 Tech required) and get a free MK3 servoshell.

Please note that I haven’t done this myself yet so cannot tell for sure if this path actually works.

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