DELTARUNE – Warp Door Guide (with Locations)

Guide to Warp Door


The Warp Door is a mysterious door in Deltarune. It can be used to fast travel the party to other areas, which include the Field, Bake Sale, Forest, and Card Castle.

Gameplay-wise, it functions similarly to the transportation by the River Person in Undertale.

Before being activated, the Warp Door appears as a simple, dark doorframe which the party cannot see through. After activation, each Door gains a flickering glow emanating from underneath it and the party can use it to access any other Warp Door that they have already visited.


  1. In the Field in the room east of Seam’s shop.
  2. In the Forest. Mr. Elegance, sometimes accompanied by the Tutorial Master, introduces the party to its mechanics.
  3. Bake Sale, to the west of the path to the smith Malius.
  4. At the end of the Forest just before the entrance to Card Castle. When the party first passes the door, it is inactive and going east leads to two bullet-hell rooms guarded by Rudinn Rangers. When returning from the castle entrance, these areas are skipped and the now-active door is in the next room to the west.


The Warp Door has a sprite reused from Undertale, where it was used as the door to Sans’s room. Its sprite also resembles the door to Undyne’s room in the same game.

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