Dust to the End – Guild System Guide

This guide is for helping new players understand the Guild system of this game better.

Guide to Guild System


Trader’s Guild in this game is used as a mean to earn passive income for you forever, even after you had left the zone. The more shares you acquired, the more money per month. It might not look much in the beginning but as you acquire more and more shares (eventually driving your competitors out of town) and you unlock more industries or even build new ones, the total can be quite lucrative.

After creating your own guild, you typically should start doing these:

  1. Buy all empty shares on the market of all towns. Using the ‘My credits’ on the market window.
  2. Start to “rob” the shares of One of the competitors. Also using the ‘My credits’ on the market window.
  3. Rob all competitors’ shares until everyone else go out of business. You should monopolize the market.

They might impose a sanction on you for a particular town while you are robbing their shares, and they might rob your shares too. If they are robbing your shares, you must go to the town which they are robbing your shares to defend it by going into combat with them or else you lose some shares to them.

‘My credits’ is a kind of currency in exchange of shares. The more ‘My credits’ you have, the faster you can rob people’s market shares. To earn ‘My credits’ , you need to do the 3 Monthly Missions listed on the Guild window. They get refreshed every month. The easiest one is the one that needs you to win 3 rounds of Blackjack.

To rob a competitor’s shares, you could either play a mini game, or use the ‘fast buy’ option if you cannot be bothered. Personally I highly recommend playing the mini game. It is quite addictive.

While you are monopolizing the market of the whole Zone, the market will generate monthly income for you according to your shares, and the industries you built and/or upgraded in all the towns and villages.

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