Madness: Project Nexus – Vampire Mission Guide

Vampire Mission

Need Help? Tearing your hair out? Do you long for an answer that is easy?

What You’ll Need

  • 1) 2 welders, dual wield. Or one if you’re broke/not stacked in melee.
  • 2) Bayonet, Buy it. Doesn’t matter what type as long as you can stab with it on your gun and spam it when they are close, sometimes it counts as an insta-death for them.
  • 3) Grenades, anything that explodes.
  • 4) Flamethrowers are preferable,that is if you want to run the blackmarket RNG.

Tactics and Tips

  • 1) You can jump over the railing with E (You’ll know when the time is right).
  • 2) Keep moving and keep spamming with the welder.
  • 3) Save bullets for the thugs, the other ones are too quick and nimble to be shot to death.
  • 4) When in doubt? Grenade, if they dodge out of the way; then that means they aren’t on top of you allowing you some breathing room. If they don’t they’re dead.
  • 5) Dodge the brutes whenever you can and get up close, they can’t do the insta-dash if you’re in their face.
  • 6) Don’t try switching away from your firearm if they are close when you have a bayonet, just keep stabbing. The time it takes for a jab is the same as a welder swing and the reach is better.
  • 7) Don’t lose your edge, it is never over when you want it to be.
  • 8) Conserve the welders for the vampire plague, use bullets for humans.

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