Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Olivia Obscene Build (Unfair Solo)

An unfair solo gish build.

Guide to Olivia Obscene Build


This build is for a solo run on Unfair difficulty. It obviously easily can function as the main tank/DD of a party or on lower difficulties.

It’s a gish build using arcane buff spells to provide defenses and Elemental Barrage to deal incredible amounts of unresistable damage.


  • Incredible damage.
  • Very good staying power, especially after transformation.
  • Lich provides very good buffs and valuable immunities for a melee character.
  • You only need to care about STR and CHA, they give you absolutely everything.
  • 24h buffs.
  • Incredible clear speed, constant uptime.
  • 20+ castings of Mirror Image.


  • You will pull out your hair until ML3.
  • You will pull out your hair until level 9 spells (bad initiative).
  • There are a few optional bosses you have to visit later.
  • Screenshots include Incorporeal Charm – it will work without it, but I wanted 100 AC.
  • Not enough skills to realistically go for secret ending.
  • Pounce tends to bug out if you put Charge on autocast so a bit of microing is still needed.
  • 24h Haste, Displacement, Greater Invisibility will make you hate regular puny mage buffs in the future.

This is the character page:

How This Build Works

It’s very important to understand what you see in this picture:

That’s two of your charge attacks (one normal, the other an opportunity) without a critical for 383 and 478 damage (no critical).

The feat that makes this possible is Elemental Barrage:

Contrary to the description it triggers on weapon elemental hits, and actually dealing damage with the element is not needed. Different elements are separate applications for this feat, that all can prime and detonate Elemental Barrage.

So, if you have a sword with fire and cold with it, hit the enemy only once, then the game will calculate damage as:

  1. You deal weapon damage.
  2. You deal fire damage, it primes Elemental Barrage.
  3. You deal cold damage, the enemy was primed so Elemental Barrage triggers.

There are two ways to have lots of elemental damage. First is this weapon:

Can be found in the Old Wing of Areelu’s Lab in the secret room.

This by itself gives you 1.5 Elemental Barrage triggers every attack.

Second is the 5th level arcane Transmutation spell Geniekind, that gives you d6 elemental damage. 4 casts of it gives you 4 elements – so a further 2 procs of Elemental Barrage every attack. What’s great about this spell is that it applies the damage to natural attacks as well.

Pathfinder’s engine also has the strange behaviour that when a weapon deals damage in multiple parts (say – once with elements then with an Elemental Barrage proc), those all will individually trigger other weapon effects – like Vampiric Blade or Living Bane. Sprinkling Mythic Charge and Death Rush on it makes the maths even more convulted, as those can trigger multiple times in one attack as well.

The end result is that you deal likely resistable damage with your weapon hit, then trigger multiple times 30d6 (Elemental Barrage, Mythic Charge, Death Rush), d6+28 Vampiric Blade and 2d6 (Living Bane) damage.

Stacking Attacks, Streamlining Stats and Maximizing Damage Output

Stacking attacks

As you are capped with 4 main hand attacks your best bet at increasing damage output is having more natural attacks. You can have:

  • Bite from race (Motherless Thiefling or Kitsune).
  • Bite from Oracle – Wolf-Scarred Face.
  • Dragon Bite from Dragon Disciple level 2.
  • Bite from Close to Abyss.

Streamlining stats

Oracle Nature’s Whisper allows you to ignore DEX for CHA.

Scaled fist as usual gives your CHA to AC.

Lich transformation makes you undead, so your CHA will be your CON.

This means you really have to worry about two stats only – Strength for martial things and Charisma for everything else. This enables you way more options for gearing up.

Maximizing damage output

While Elemental Barrage is not something you have to do much to use, the rest of your damage (Mythic Charge, Death Rush) requires you to charge. Since you won’t be able to get Greater Beast Totem this leaves you with only one race choice – Kitsune. Conveniently it also has a CHA bonus (but a STR malus) and a natural attack so it’s perfect for us.

Character Levels

As discussed above our race is fixed, we have dumpstats galore and only two things we have to worry about.

I’m lazy though and dislike reloading for failed saves/skills so I put more points in INT and WIS – but you can dump those as well and max out STR.

Race is Kitsune, background is Pickpocket. Trickery is our only non-class skill anyway, and Trickery/Perception are by far the most important skills in the game. The bit of initiative also helps.

Starting stats are 14/9/7/14/14/19, alignment you have to have Lawful Evil (Lawful due to monk and Evil due to Lich), for deity I chose Urgathoa for obvious reasons.

For skills I went with Mobility 3, Knowledge (Arcana) 5 (this is needed by level 5, don’t forget to put points in here!), Trickery 20, Perception 20 and spread the rest everywhere.

Leveling order:

1 – Seeker Oracle (1)

Martial Weapon Proficiency, Wolf-Scarred Face, Nature, Nature’s Whispers

2 – Scaled Fist (1)

Crane Style.

You are downright brutal at this point – CHA x2 to AC and 4 attacks (Flurry and two bites) make this part a cakewalk. It will pass.

3 – Crossblooded Sorcerer (1)

Dodge, Draconic Blue Dragon bloodline, Metamagic (Extend), Elemental Earth bloodline

More AC is always needed, bloodlines are for immunities (with mythic feat) and Extend will enable you for the sweet-sweet 24h haste, displacement, greater invisibility, geniekind.

4 – Crossblooded Sorcerer (2)


5- Crossblooded Sorcerer (3)

Power Attack

We have feats to spare, and when you are hitting 400+ for each attack things WILL die. Improved Cleaving Finish helps a lot with clear speed, we want that.

6 – Dragon Disciple (1)

7 – Dragon Disciple (2)

Cleave, Sorcerer Casting, Toughness

At this point Toughness will be enable you to endure one more hit (usually 3 instead of 2). It’s absolutely useless after your transformation though, so you can pick something else if you don’t mind reloading.

8 – Dragon Disciple (3)


9 – Dragon Disciple (4)

Cleaving Finish

Enough is enough from this class, while the benefits would be good, losing more caster levels would just push 24h haste/geniekind further back and you cannot afford losing any more BAB.

10 – Eldritch Knight (1)

Great Cleave

11 – Eldritch Knight (2)

Improved Cleaving Finish, Sorcerer Casting

12 – Eldritch Knight (3)


13 – Eldritch Knight (4)

Weapon Focus (kukri)

Or for bite, your choice. I went with kukri to maximize hit chance when you need it – better to hit with 2 attacks than nearly hitting with 4. This also enables:

14 – Eldritch Knight (5)

Dazzling Display

Don’t use this feat ever though, it’s only a prerequisite for Shatter Defenses. You want to hit enemies as much as you can and hitting flat-footed AC is better than hitting normal AC.

15 – Eldritch Knight (6)

Vulpine Pounce

With this the Mythic Charge-Death Rush engine gets a huge buff.

16 – Eldritch Knight (7)


17 – Eldritch Knight (8)

Shatter Defenses

Both Lich Fear Control and the Frightful Aspect triggers this.

18 – Eldritch Knight (9)

Crane Wing

19 – Eldritch Knight (10)

Greater Weapon Focus (kukri)

20 – Crossblooded Sorcerer (4)


You will hit 20 at around Midnight Fane solo, at that point you are pretty damn strong. Playful darkness will likely need mass healing scrolls though, but from there it’s as smooth saling as Unfair Solo can be.

Mythic Levels

1 – Mythic Hero

Close to the Abyss, Elemental Barrage

The additional Natural Attack is great and you are doing all of this for Elemental Barrage

2 – Mythic Hero

Elemental Body

3 – Lich

Weapon of Death, Enduring Spells

Take whichever pet you like most. It will matter at the transformation. For that reason also don’t forget to recruit every undead companion you can AND switch XP sharing back on when you get to 20.

4 – Lich

Greater Enduring Spells

Again, take the pet you’d like the most. I went with bard for the buffs. Also keep in mind that Lord Beyond The Grave applies to your own self after transformation as well. That makes The Bound of Possibility a very good choice for the cloak slot.

5 – Lich

Archmage Armor

6 – Lich

Mythic Weapon Focus, Fear Control

7 – Lich

Mythic Charge

And you are there. From this point onward all your buffs last 24h.

8 – Lich

Flawless Attacks

Your choice really. This one’s pretty good though.

9 – Lich

Dragon Ascendance, Death Rush

10 – Lich

Abundant Casting

+8 Mirror Image is always good (4 normal and 4 extended)


What’s a gish without a spellbook?! Here are the spells you will want:

Level 1

Expeditious Retreat, Mage Armor, Shield, True Strike

No comment, running around until you have 24h haste is good, AC is good and +20 attack is good for the optional bosses.

Level 2

Mirror Image, Sense Vitals

Level 3

Displacement, Haste, Power from Death

Power from Death unlike in the description lasts 10 minutes/level. It also determines the bonus at the moment of casting. At higher caster levels (maxes out at 8) you will likely have to pull a second group where the first one died.

Level 4

Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Vampiric Blade

Dimension Door is still good for hopping over triggers, while most enemies do see invisible there are a few that don’t so you might as well have Greater Invisibility going.

Vampiric Blade – since it procs and heals multiple times per attack – will take care of healing you to full. You reasonably can expect around 50-100 hp healing from an attack.

Level 5

Echolocation, Geniekind

I don’t know if Echolocation gives any meaningful bonus over True Seeing. Geniekind is mandatory.

Level 6

Bone Shield, Greater Heroism

Level 7

Blessing of Unlife, Legendary Proportions, Ice Body

Blessing of Unlife and Legendary Proportions will be obsolete after your transformation.

Level 8

Frightful Aspect, Seamantle

Level 9

Fiery Body, Foresight

Written by Lord_WC


  1. Did something change in a patch that would not stack all of the ac buffs from charisma anymore? At lvl 2 i still have 19 ac same as lvl 1 before i picked monk.

    • Did you pick scaled fist monk or did you accidentally pick the traditional monk? Do you have armoury or a shield equipped? I’m not seeing a change.

  2. What does mean Elemental Body at Mythic level 2? Could find only spell elemental body, but not mythic feat/ability

    • At that Level, you take ‘Extra Mythic Ability’ and pick ‘Bloodline Ascendance’: Elemental Body is the 20th Level ability granted from the Earth Bloodline (Immunity to Acid, Crits and Sneak Attack).

  3. The author doesn’t mention the master shapeshifter bonus because it requires a feat to achieve and this build doesn’t appear to take advantage of that for additional functionality from other fears and abilities.

    • It will be granted by monk. They can take it regardless of stats req. U need to take dodge at lvl2 and crane style on lvl3.
      Also autor have not mentioned that Kitsune race grants +4 to all stats due to natural polymorph ability to human.
      Basically build can be even impoved by taking one level of witch (меченая ведьма) it will give +2 (+4 with ring from tavern in act1)
      so power start will be
      1 monk / 1 witch / 1 oracle / any dragon blood class / 1 vivi for str mutagen / 4 dragon disciple (for bonuses) (9 total)
      rest of the progress can be any. (sword saint for example or u can progress with oracle for spells)
      The base is actually monk witch oracle and u will have a lot of AC bonus, second attack early on, bite and high attack rolls.

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