ELEX – Jetpack Guide

When it comes down to exploring the world of Elex, your jetpacks comes in really handy.


Location of the jetpack

When advancing through the first minutes of the game and slaying some rats, they will send you down an elevator, right after that sequence you will find the jetpack lying in the middle of the room, it’s a force pickup so don’t worry that you might not find it!

ELEX - Jetpack Guide

Basic Usage

Double jump (space) to use your jetpack. You will boost as long as you hold the second space down.

“Red Boost”

When your boost reaches the red boost zone, you will need to press space once more to activate the last bit of boost.

Use your jetpack to stop taking fall damage

This is a really basic usage of your jetpack that you have to make use of whenever you jump off high cliffs, buildings or towers. When you are not entirely sure if you will take falling damage, just use the jetpack to be safe. Especially in the desert are alot of moderate high cliffs that will make you take damage.Notice: It is enough to make a short press on space right before you would land! You don’t need to use more boost when you fall further.

Use your jetpack to travel faster

Often, it is faster to teleport up to something and get to your desired questpoint by falling and denieing the damage by tapping your boost.

Use your jetpack in combat

In combat you might find kiting with a bow or another rangedweapon easier, when you can make distance with your jetpack. Be aware that alot of creatures and enemies will have ranged attacks though!

Use the jetpack to flee

Well, it certainly helps in some situations to flee, if you can get on cliffs or sth. else.

Use your jetpack to explore properly

There are alot of ceilings you can jump on or towers with jump “riddles”. Pretty much everything is reachable vertically and you will almost every time find nice loot waiting for you on top of towers etc. Or you can scan the area at the very least. Just make sure you use the quick save (F5 defaultbutton), before attempting difficult jumps as you will often find yourself killed otherwise.

Use your jetpack to locate teleporters

The only thing that makes you travel faster are teleporters. They are often around important locations, but sometimes still a bit tricky to find. In open area you can find teleporters by getting onto high things as shown on the screenshot.

ELEX - Jetpack Guide

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