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Collected 20 pictures

Now this is the achievement that will probably take you the longest (next to the 80 hour one of course). I have created a map with all the picture locations on it for you to use as a reference. A more detailled description of where to find them will be written down a little further down.

I recommend doing this Achievement before Chapter 2 as there’d be less monsters annoying you on your scavenger hunt.

#1 – West of Converter of Edan

There is a small house directly west of the teleporter of the Convertor of Edan. Within the house you will find a few enemies and on the table your first photograph.

#2 – Mountain north of Company Premises: North Abessa

On the mountain north of „Company Premises: North Abessa“ there is a small building left from the Old World, in which you find Lara, Micha, Krogi and on one of the shelves in the backroom there is photograph number 2. You can also find a cheeky Dark Souls easter egg if you check behind the building next to Erol’s body.

#3 – House North of the Crater

Right north of the teleporter „Crater“ in the cluster of houses the second house from the east is the next photograph. Just enter the garage in which an old rusty car is parked and at the wall behind a blue barrel you can find it in the rightmost drawer.

#4 – Factory Building East of the Crater

Right east of the Crater teleporter there is a factory building. In it you will find a few Reavers and below the stairs on a table you will find the fourth photograph.

#5 – East of Tavar Mountains

Follow the road east from the teleporter „Tavar Mountains“ until you make it to two decrepit old buildings. In the one closest to you under the stairs you will find photograph number 5.

#6 – Company Premises West Edan

Teleport to the Company Premises in West Edan and then go to the small building in the South West. Inside the building on the table in the corner you will find photograph number 6, but be quick about it as the entire area is poisoned and will kill you if you stay there too long!

#7 – Hill north of the Valley of the Damned

Teleport to the Valley of the Damned and go up the hill to the north of it. On top of the hill there’s an old world building and right next to the entrance inside a small basket right next to the legendary weapon Gaia’s Wrath you will find photograph number 7.

#9 – Sandy Pines

On the top floor in the North-Western building of Sandy Pine Motel, the second apartment to the left you will find photograph number 9 (it’s 8th on my list and map as it’s easier to get 9 before 8 but the item name will be 9) on one of the shelves.

#8 – Factory East of Sandy Pines

In the factory between Sandy Pines and the Converter of Tavar, go into the southmost building and inside on the ground floor you will find photograph number 8 in one of the corners. Watch out for trip mines though!

#10 – The Domed City

Enter the Domed City through the main entrance, go up the stairs to your left and then enter the building immediately to your right. On the table inside that building is photograph number 10.

#11 – North of the Southern Pass in Xacor

A little to the North of the Southern Pass teleporter, past the frozen river, there is a building with a round silo-like part built into it. Go into that round part, downstairs and on a board on the wall you will find photograph number 11.

#12 – The Radio Tower by the Dam

A little to the west of the Dam teleporter you can find a radio tower. Right next to the radio tower there’s a small decrepit building in which you can find photograph number 12 on a table.

#13 – Factory Building South-East of the Converter in South Abessa

To the South-East of the Converter in South Abessa there’s two small factory buildings. On the top floor of the western building you can find the 13th photograph in shelf next to the door. You can reach the top floor easily by jetpacking from the roof of the other building.

#14 – Alb Camp North-West of Company Premises Central Abessa

North-West of the Company Premises of Central Abessa there is a small Alb camp. In the eastmost building of that camp on the ground floor in one of the shelves you can find photograph number 14.

#15 – House North of Edan’s Converter

A bit North of the Converter in Edan there is a family-house on top of a hill. You can find the 15th photograph on the couch in the main room of the top floor.

#16 – Old Windfarm in Tavar

Right next to the teleporter Old Windfarm in Tavar you can find an old decrepit building. Go inside and you will find photograph number 16 on top of a wooden drawer.

#17 – Building North of Company Premises Volcano

Right next to the road the eastern building of the building complex North of the Volcano Company Premises, guarded by mutants and sandbag walls, houses the photograph. Go inside and on the shelf to your left is photograph 17.

#18 – Atop the Lighthouse in Southern Tavar

Right south of the Southern Cliffs teleporter on top of the Lighthouse you can find photograph 18.

#19 – The Archive of the Hort of Ignadon

Teleport to the Cathedral, enter the cathedral and then instantly go right. Downstairs you will find Karl, who may or may not let you through. If he keeps on stopping you and teleporting you back up, just shoot him with a ranged weapon and then run past him through that door. Immediately take a left and keep running until it goes further downstairs on your right. Go downstairs and then to the right, attack every person you find on the way or you get teleported back up again. In the middle of the room in one of the bookshelves is photograph number 19.

#20 – Castle Ruins of West Ignadon

At the westmost part of the Castle Ruins of West Ignadon you will find an Elevator (the same one as from the Calaan achievement). Take it downstairs and then go to the huge door at the back to your left. There’s a codelock in which you will type in 7817 to open the door. Go through the giant door, up the stairs and on one of the tables you will find the last photograph. If you wish to get the Calaan Achievement as well, use the same code on the giant door opposite of the one you just opened.

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