Little Busters! – Unlisted Keyboard Controls

A guide that documents keyboard controls not found in the config menu.


I noticed that there are quite a few keyboard controls that aren’t listed in the config menu that would be pretty helpful to know about, so I’ve decided to document them in case anyone would find them useful.

For a more extensive look at the controls, take a look at the manual that’s included on the store page:

Basic Keys

  • F1: Quick save
  • F2: Quick load
  • Q: Jump to previous choice
  • E: Jump to next choice
  • W: Brings up options
  • A: Auto mode
  • X: Forward once
  • B: Backlog
  • L: Switch language
  • Esc: Brings up options
  • Ctrl: Force skip (skips all text, even unread text)
  • Space: Hide text box
  • Enter: Forward once
  • Alt+Enter: Fullscreen

You can also use the arrow keys and enter key in menus and during choices.

Numpad Keys

With Num Lock on:

  • 4: Jump to previous choice
  • 6: Jump to next choice
  • 8: Hide text box
  • 2: Hide text box

With Num Lock off:

  • 4: Rewind once
  • 6: Forward once
  • 8: Backlog up
  • 2: Backlog down 


These are all the keyboard controls that I’ve found that weren’t listed in the config menu. Don’t forget to look in the Keyboard section of the config menu for other relevant keyboard controls, such as C which can be held down (or pressed once if set as such in the config) in order to skip read text only or all text depending on the option selected in the General tab.

Little Busters! - Unlisted Keyboard Controls

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