Little Busters! – How to Obtain Farewell and Unknown Lifeform Achievements

Farewell and Unknown Lifeform Achievements Guide


After you’ve completed one route, the Unknown Lifeform will first show up on 5/18 if you select “Watch Calmly”, 5/19, and finally 5/20. It has 3 phases: First a bird, then a deer, and finally a a bear. After beating it on all 3 days, you need to start a new route and do the same thing for the next two forms.

If you lose a fight, you can simply press the left key and restart it until you win. However, this won’t work if your stats are too low to beat it.

Raising Stats

The unknown lifeform will be hard to beat without raising your stats. There are 3 main ways to do this:

  • Completing routes
  • Playing Baseball
  • Giving Rin items

Completing Routes

The first one is self-explanatory: Rin will automatically grow stronger as you complete routes. Because of that, you should probably save this achievement for last.

Playing Baseball

Stats from playing baseball don’t carry over to other routes; however, it can be very useful on routes where you’re trying to beat the unknown lifeform. I recommend enabling baseball and playing it every chance you get to raise Rin’s stats.

Items for Rin

There are some items that are very helpful for Rin that you get from trading with Masato and Kyousuke. You don’t need all of them; in my case, I only used a wrist weight from Masato. You can trade with characters by wandering and if you don’t get who you want to see, you can press the left arrow and try again until you get who you want.

Helpful Items

From Kyousuke

  • “Masterpiece Theater” Series DVD-BOX
  • “School Revolution” Volumes 4-10

From Masato

  • White Jacket
  • Wrist Weight


After taking all of these tips into mind, you should be able to defeat the lifeform without any trouble.

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