Day of Infamy – Enhanced Map Overview with Callouts

Detailed maps with callouts…

Map Features

  • Callouts of general locations, and some more detailed callouts for objectives.
  • Thick lines indicating buildings with interiors and their doorways.
  • Dotted lines indicating obstacles and cover.
  • Dark areas indicate buildings that cannot be entered.
  • Thick outer line is map border.
  • Dotted red lines with letter at the top indicate boundaries of the Out of Bounds zone for each Invasion objective.


Day of Infamy - Enhanced Map Overview with Callouts


  • Minoos and Sofokleous (or just Sofok) are taken from street signs on in those areas.
  • Fun fact: A objective is called Apartments and B objective is called Barracks.
  • Homeless is homeless because there’s a mattress bent against the wall.


Day of Infamy - Enhanced Map Overview with Callouts


  • Dunkirk has a lot of posters and signs, which are the sources for many of the names.
  • I painstakingly added boxes on the beach to indicate where partial cover is. Every box grouping is accounted for, but the positions and orientations aren’t exact.
  • Commercial is actually three shops with names: library, tarvern and Artus.
  • The slightly darker ground indicates depressions ie. ditches and craters.
  • Rusty is a weird one: it’s the Royce (the cars are Rolls Royce-ish), but it’s the only one that’s rusty as hell.
  • F1, F2 and F3 are the three burning trucks.

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