A Hat in Time – Guide to Farming Pons

Gain a few Pons for the road!

Introduction to Farming Pons

Do you not have enough Pons to buy something as useless as the Mumble Badge? Or are you too broke to get the One Hit Hero Badge so you can rip your hair out trying to get the One Punch Achievement? Well you’ve come to the right place, in this guide, we’ll be looking at the best place to farm Pons.


  • Item Magnet Badge (Optional)
  • Brewing Hat

Where Do I Go to Farm Pons?

We will be going to Chapter One: Mafia Town. Why you might ask?

  • Decent amount of Pons scattered around the level
  • More open world than some other places
  • Many crates to destroy
  • A couple of Pon time challenges
  • Multiple enemies at the beach
  • Helping people being beat up drops a decent amount of Pons

Okay, So How Do I Get my Pons?

  • Start by chosing one of the missions in Mafia Town. (I personally like going to Act 7 to do this.)
  • Make your way to the beach and eliminate all of the enemies there.
  • Help the people being beat up by the Mafia. (The person being beat up at the dock gives the most, giving around 20 – 30 Pons.)
  • Run around the map, blow up crates and collect world Pons. (Crates that are in sets of 3 usually give around 10 – 20 Pons.)
  • Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you have as many Pons as you want.


That’s all for this one! Whether you’re looking to just have a massive ammount of pons or you’re trying really hard for that one badge you want, this is the most efficient way that iv’e found to farm Pons so far. This method, in my experience, yields about 150 – 200 Pons every 3 – 5 minutes.

Written by Rift

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