Pokemon GO – Where to Find the Different Eggs

There are many various Egg types in Pokemon GO. They will be hatched out into different Pokemons. You have to make the Avatar and just after this you can begin to explore the surrounding world for finding and capturing the Pokemons. You should use this Guide to find various types of Eggs in this game and to know how you can hatch all of them.

Pokemon GO - Where to Find the Different Eggs

Where to find the different Eggs

You will be able to get some new Pokemons from the Eggs if you know how to hatch them in Pokemon GO. From the very beginning there is the only Incubator for Eggs. It’ll allow you to hatch every Egg in only some steps. You will be able to get the different items (Eggs, Potions, etc.) and PokeBalls on PokeStops. Each of them is marked with blue square on the Map. If you are not far from the PokeStop for searching it the box on the very top of this square will be opened.

How to hatch these Eggs

As soon as you’ve gathered the Egg it must be hatched. You have to walk to do it. All of these Eggs needs definite distance (amount of kilometers) you walk for their hatching. The kilometers number will show you how rare the each of your Pokemons is. The more distance you must walk the rarer Pokemon you’ll have. After hatching the Egg the information about it will appear. Incubator will be required for hatching Eggs:

  • Select the Main Menu.
  • Touch the Pokemon, touch “Eggs” (on the very top of your screen).
  • Select any of the Eggs.
  • Tap “Start Incubation”.
  • Select any incubator for the Egg.
  • Walk definite distance to hatch your Egg.

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