Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – All Praxis Kit Locations

This guide will help you track down all of the Praxis Kits hidden throughout the various zones in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

All Praxis Kit Locations Guide

We have identified 19 Praxis Kits that can be collected in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

For the most part this does not include any that you are just outright given for completing quests like those that Koller gives you on your first visit. The 19 listed below are ones that you have to actually track down.

The only expection to this is the one you get from Olivia, that is technically quest related, but not actually a reward. You have to know to speak to her, in order to get it. That is why this one is also included in the list.

Praxis Kit 9

Prague: Palisade Property Bank CEO’s Office

To get into the secret room in which this resides you’re going to need to solve a mechanical puzzle. The solution can be found below.

Praxis Kit 14

Prague (2nd Visit): SM03 The Mystery Augs, Tai Yong Medical Vault

This one is found in Prague inside the Tai Yong Medical Vault. However, in order to get into the vault you’re going to A) need to find the access keycard and B) find the vault itself. You can find a video on how to do that below.

Praxis Kit 18

Prague (2nd or 3rd Visit): Church of the Machine God Apt. 96

After you return from Golem City and continue through the game you’ll come to a point where you have an option to save someone named Allison or raid the Versalife vault. If you choose to save Allison you will get access to the Church of the Machine God at that point. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until after you return to Prague from the G.A.R.M. facility to get into the Church of the Machine God.

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