Laser League – How to Ghost

A simple tutorial on how to play Ghost effectively.


All credit goes to Incoming!

Ghost is (in my opinion) the most important class in the game.

The class’ ability is brief immortality from lasers and all attacks (Blade, Smash, and Snipe).

While it seems this would be overpowered on paper, Ghost is all about mobility, grabbing laser nodes, reviving teammates, and not getting hit in the process.

The Basics on not Dying

Ghost gets momentary immunity, but don’t let that make you think you are completely untouchable. It is very easy to get taken out by a Thief stealing the center node, or a Shock with good timing.

Rule #1: Revive your teammates

Having three people alive is the key to success. Ghost is there to make sure there are always three alive on the pitch.

Rule #2: Avoid Shock and Smash at all times

When you get Shocked or pushed back by Smash, it will remove your entire ability charge, and leave you laying on the battlefield for a few seconds.

Rule #3: Keep one eye on the opponent’s Blade(s) and Snipe(s)

All it takes is one good swipe to remove you from the match, and possible earning the opponents a point.

Rule #4: Always look where you are going

So many times, I have accidently looked across the map to see one of my teammates dead, or a powerup spawn. When I look back, usually I am just a respawn pad.

There are two other aspects to this, one of which is wall wrapping.

  • Always take a very short peek at what is on the other side to avoid dying over there or where you are. 
  • The other aspect is just moving around the lasers, be as slippery as possible.


Ghost (like all the other classes) has two different abilities, Medic and Extend.

Let’s break them down a bit.

The Medic ability is a great tool if your team is struggling to stay alive, because every time you revive someone, you get your full ghost charge back.


  • Constant Ghosting
  • Extremely Clutch in the right player’s hands
  • Lots of revival points to level up


  • Short burst of immunity (1.5 seconds or so)
  • Is very situational
  • Has the same recharge time of Extend if no revive happens

Extend is a good ability if you are on a chaos map where a team can control 70% of the map with moving lasers, and is useful anf usable by any skill level player.


  • Longer immunity
  • Same charge as a Medic that doesnt revive anyone
  • Easier to use, and not at situational as Medic


  • Not as effective on a team with players that keep getting hit
  • Not clutch at all

Small (But Useful) Little Mistakes / Tips

Baiting people

Bait Snipes, Blades, and Smashes into a laser node using your immunity.

If you and one of your opponents are both going for the same laser node-

-(as long as it is not a thief) Ghost into the laser node, either you will pick it up and they will run into it, or they will pick it up, and you will ghost through it.

Ghost through abilities

Similar to baiting people but still very important to staying alive on the pitch. Use your ability if the Blade or Smash is about to attack, or if the Snipe has a marker across the map, Ghost through it.

Take a breather between lives/points/rounds

Getting camped can be a problem if you need to keep calm avoiding players and lasers.

Learn where the starting laser nodes spawn

Pay close attention on the very first point of the match to where the laser nodes spawn. This can land you an easy kill on an opponent who isn’t paying attention to their surroundings.

Practice makes Not completely Perfect

Even while taking all of the tips and tricks from this guide, understand that you will still occasionally get hit. Even though you may be the immune class, you only have 1.5-3 seconds to make your move, so make it count.

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