Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Mastery Training Quests

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Mastery Training Quests

Skills are not enough to become a legendary warrior. You have to train to experting your skills! Mastery Training Quests which is lead by Master Goku will halp you about that and give you rewards for you prepare you the Great War.

Mastery Training Quests, are the quests for the every Azurian who reach level 20 and they are prepared by the Mastery Trainers.

Where Can I Get The Mastery Training Quests?

you should go to Mastery Training School in the Peace Mountain. You can easily teleport there by clicking the “Return to the Peace Mountain” skill on the skill bar.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Mastery Training Quests

There are specail Master for every class. You can take your Mastery Training Quest by selecting the right master for you class. You can complete 100 quests per day and you get a special reward after every 10 quests you completed.

What Good Is That Going To Do?

  • One of the bigger functions of the Mastery Training Quest is providing you offline experience points. First 10 quests give you the offline experience you accumulated. You can check your offline experience as the picture below. 

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Mastery Training Quests

  • The other function of these quests is giving the popularity to your dynasty. Popularity is vital because if your clan’s popularity level drops below certain level, your clan will be disbanded. 
  • And also they give you Mastery Points which you can spend in Mastery College Point Shop. 

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Mastery Training Quests

  • Apart from all of that, you can get golds, upgrading stone and bound points from those quests. 
  • There is a shorter way to complete them. You can purchast “Seven Culvert Stone’s” from the market and use them.

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