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Azurian! Have you met the Drillmaster while roaming in Jiangdu? The Drillmaster can provide you many equipments in return of honour points, helps you a lot of functions such as Wind Making, Wind Improvements and Title Improvements!

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Drillmaster

Functions of the Drillmaster

Royal Battlezone Event

You can enter the Royal Battlezone via Drillmaster when it is open and get honour points, wind making materials and many more rewards.

And also you can complete Royal Battlezone Quest from him.

  • Entrance the Royal Battlezone – You should enter the event to complete this quest. 
  • Destroy the Enemy Soldiers – You should kill 5000 enemy soldiers to complete this quest. (Can be done once a week).
  • Destroy the Enemy Team – You should kill 50 enemy player to complete this quest. 

Wing Making and Improvement

You can make and improve winds from the Drillmaster.

Honour Trade is a shop you can purchase things with the honour you have.

This items are the titles you can buy with honour points. You should start with “Lieutenant”. Then you can rise in rank.

These items are the war epigraphs.

This item is Royal Battlezone Extra Quest Item. You can buy them in return of honour point and activate the quest by right clicking it.

These items are the wing making materials.

These items are mount improvements materials.

Title Making and Improvements

All operations about the title are done by the Drillmaster. Check the Honour Store for more info.

Precious Marble

You can trade the precious marbles for the honour points. (100 trades at max per day).

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