Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Bottomless Pit

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Bottomless Pit

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Ruthless Skeleton Army General, spreads terror in Bottomless Pit with the soldiers on his command. Azurian, the only protecter of this lands, should stop him and bring peace in this land again! Clear the Bottomless Pit from creatures and face with the Hellhound! You can get the reward of “Bounty Hunter”.

How Can I Get The Quest?

If your level is 43 or higher, you can get the quest by talking “Bounty Hunter” in Jiangdu. If you don’t remember where he is, press “M” to open the map.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

You can get the quest named Bottomless Pit by talking “Bounty Hunter”.

How Can I Enter the Bottomless Pit?

You can get some info about the dungeons from “Dungeon Guardian” who is stand next to the “Bounty Hunter. When you click the “Show the Dungeons” button, he will make a list of dungeons for you.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

“Bottomless Pit” is seen in the opened list. You can enter the dungeon cost of “30 Silvers” by clicking “Enter” button.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

How Can I Complete Bottomless Pit Quests?

You can complete the quest by killing all the monster in the map. And also, you can get more rewards by completing side quests. You can open the map by pressing “M” and also and you can follow the progress of the quest from the Quest Track on the right.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

Mysterious Chest

There is a mysterious chest in the depths of Bottomless Pit. You have 2 options to get mysterious key!

1.Imprisoned Spirit

When you enter the Bottomless Pit, you will see a skeleton named Imprisoned Spirit. He used to be a soldier in the Skeleton Army. But he couldn’t handle the evil and became a deserter. Because of that, his soul was cursed and imprisoned. You will get a mysterious reward if you decide to help removing the curse of his spirit.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

You should find the bones and accessories of Imprisoned Spirit to remove the curse. You can get those by killing Skeleton Army Soldiers.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

The bones you need to acquire from the Skeleton Army Soldiers are skull, chest, hand and feet of Imprisoned Spirit.

You can get the accesories from the Sacred Chest where the Sacred Stones lead you. Not every Sacred Stone leads you to the Sacred Chests, you should keep trying. You will see a lot of sacred stones along the way.

The required accessories from sacred chests are Sacred Bracelet and Sacred Necklace.

You can summon the Imprisoned Spirit when you complete all the pieces. If you deliver the accessories when you summoned the Imprisoned Spirit, he will give you the mysterious key.

2.Soul Pit

You will get spirits when you kill Skeleton Army Soldiers. Keep going with saving the souls, you will see a soul pit ahead.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

If you collect 10 souls, you can deliver the souls to the soul pit. You will get a mysterious key in return.

You can use this key to unlock the “Mysterious Chest”. When you are in dungeon, take a good look around. There may be a treasure. If you are there as a team, each member will have own chest.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

Sealed Demon “Hellhound”

You will meet a big statue, when you arrive the end of the Bottomless Pit. You can set free the Hellhound and save the Bottomless Pit by breaking this statue. When you fight and destroy “Hellhound”, the quest will be completed, you can see that in the quest track tab.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

Skeleton Army General

When you reach the end of the Bottomless Pit, you will face the boss named “Skeleton Army General”. You should kill the boss and bring peace the Bottomless Pit.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Bottomless Pit

Now Reward Time!

You’ve cleaned the Bottomless Pit from ruthless bandits and Hellhound! Now talk to “Bounty Hunter” and get the rewards.

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