Zwei: The Arges Adventure – Pet Mini-Game Maps

This guide includes a full explanation of pet mini-game and a complete pet mini-game map.


The pet mini-game is located on the top-right corner of your HUD. Whenever you leave your pet in the home and let your characters out of Puck village, your pet will go out for adventure, and you can play the mini-game by choosing the direction for your pet.

The pet mini-game is in fact a simplified, pet-version dungeon. You can find foods and items in the dungeon, including key items (e.g. empty cans). You can also find pet food (beef chow) in the dungeon. Such item is the only way you can level-up your pet and improve its healing ability.

The pet mini-game has several rules:

  • The map consists of 1 main area and 7 different stages.
  • Superi R. Labyrinth can be accessed from the beginning as it contains no key item.
  • For the rest stages, your character must clear at least 1 dungeon in a certain stage before your pet can go to that stage.
  • Each stage has 1 key item (2x empty cans and 4x beef chow in total) guarded by a Hellcat. 
  • To defeat Hellcat you need a corresponding elemental collar.
  • Your characters must meet the certain level requirement before you can obtain a specific collar. 

Routes and Level Requirements

Choose direction for your pet at T-junctions.
L=left R=right

Wind Collar: LLRL
Empty Can: RLLL→enter Caiaphas Woods→LR

Fire Collar: LRLLRL
Beef Chow: RLRLL→enter Mt. St. Kenopi→LR

Water Collar: LLL
Beef Chow: RRRL→enter Pavel Gardens→RL

Earth Collar: LRR
Beef Chow: RLRRL→enter Klopp Caverns→RL

Light Collar: LRLLL
Empty Can: RLLRL→enter Aplieste Shrine→LL

Dark Collar: LRLR
Beef Chow: RRLRLR→enter Espina Temple→RR


Zwei: The Arges Adventure - Pet Mini-Game Maps
Zwei: The Arges Adventure - Pet Mini-Game Maps


  • × means dead end.
  • item contains food; type depends on your character level. Contains key item if guarded by Hellcat.
  • items* contains only venture wings or bomb.
  • the statement above might be inaccurate as they are based on limited observations.

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