Railway Empire – Train Crew Relationship Table

The purpose of this guide is to capture the train crew relationships that provide bonuses in the game.

Happiness Table

This Employee

Receives Bonus From

Gives Bonus To

Carefree Stubborn Creative
Conscientious Disciplined Quirky
Crafty Moody Dominant
Creative Carefree Superficiality
Disciplined Serious Conscientious
Dominant Crafty Timid
Dynamic Happy High Spirits
Funny High Spirits Happy
Happy Funny Dynamic
High Spirits Dynamic Funny
Moody Tolerant Crafty
Quirky Conscientious Serious
Serious Quirky Disciplined
Slow Timid Stubborn
Stubborn Slow Carefree
Superficiality Creative Tolerant
Timid Dominant Slow
Tolerant Superficiality Moody

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