The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Quickest Way to Level up Conjuration


Today we’re going to take a look at the by far easiest way to quickly level up the easiest skill to train in the game, conjuration. Conjuration is a powerful school of magic with a wide variety of uses, everything from summoning floating weapons, powerful familiars, resuscitate dead enemies back to life as a companion to summoning powerfull demon warriors. It truely is a tool which you can’t go without once you’ve been exposed to it.


First of all you MUST have completed the dark brotherhood and have bought all the rooms in the new DB hideout near dawnstar.

You will also need the spell soul trap.

To make it go a bit faster it’s also recommended you place points in novice conjuration to cut the mana cost, it’s also recommended you get some items that makes conjuration spells cheaper which can be bought in the mage guild.

The Process

After you have completed the dark brotherhood quest line go to the new hideout right outside dawnstar. Proceed downstairs and talk to nazir. Purchase all the rooms for a total of 20k septims. Now proceed into the torture room and equip the items if you decided to buy them, and equip the soul bind spell on the prisoners hanging on the wall.

After you have done this a few times they will each reveal the location of a hidden treasure somewhere in skyrim, but you should just ignore that for now and continue working on the prisoners and continue casting soul bind until you’re level 99 which should take you somewhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours all depending on how big your manapool is and how often you have to regenerate mana, the higher level your character is the more efficient this method is.

Placing between 5-10 skill points in mana should suffice, if you think you need a higher level then you may put as many points into mana as you see fit.

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