GTA 5 – Cheat Codes

This guide contains all cheat codes for GTA:V.

How to Activate Cheats 

To activate a cheat code you have to press the “~” button above the “Tab” key or call a certain phone number. Because it is easier to enter the codes via “~” I will only write down the codes and not the phone numbers. Both have exactly the same effects and cheats.

Cheating in GTA 5 disables achievements, thus making the Career Criminal Achievement impossible to unlock!

Don’t save after cheating!

Health, Armor, Parachute, Weapons & Ammo

  • TURTLE – Max Health & Armor
  • SKYDIVE – Parachute
  • TOOLUP – All Weapons with Ammo

Player Stats

  • CATCHME – Fast Run
  • HOPTOIT – Super Jump
  • INCENDIARY – Flaming Bullets
  • HIGHEX – Explosive Bullets
  • HOTHANDS – Explosive Melee Attack
  • GOTGILLS – Fast Swim
  • SKYFALL – Spawns player mid-air
  • POWERUP – Recharge Ability
  • DEADEYE – Slow Motion Aiming (enter 4 times to increase effect)
  • JRTALENT – Enable Director Mode (enables the ability to change playermodel)
  • PAINKILLER – Invincibility (only active for 5 minutes before you need to re-enter it)


  • FLOATER – Moon Gravity
  • LIQUOR – Drunk
  • SLOWMO – Slow Motion (enter 3 times to increase effect)
  • SNOWDAY – Slippery Cars

Wanted Level

  • LAWYERUP – Lowers Wanted Level by one star
  • FUGITIVE – Raise Wanted Level by one star

Vehicle Spawns

  • COMET – Comet
  • ROCKET – PCJ-600
  • OFFROAD – Sanchez
  • RAPIDGT – Rapid GT
  • VINEWOOD – Limo
  • TRASHED – Trashmaster
  • HOLEIN1 – Caddy
  • FLYSPRAY – Duster
  • BARNSTORM – Stunt Plane
  • BUZZOFF – Buzzard
  • DEATHCAR – Duke O’ Death (available after Duel random event)
  • EXTINCT – Dodo (available after coompleting the Sea Plane random event)
  • BUBBLES – Kraken Sub (available after completing Wildlife Photography Challenge)


  • MAKEITRAIN – Change weather (rotates through Sunny, Clear, Cloudy, Smoggy, Overcast, Rainy, Thundery, Clearing and Snowing)
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