GTA 5 – The Bogdan Problem Glitch (Doomsday Act II) in GTA Online

The famous Bogdan glitch. Step by step. Max 4 million GTA dollars per hour.

How to Glitch Step By Step


How to do the glitch:

  • Start Act II, Split the money however you see fit.
  • During mission (at any time) deposit money via phone (any amount).
  • At the end a cinematic begins. After “Transaction Pending” box disappears disconnect/unplug your internet or just force quit the game.
  • It’ll kick you to the singleplayer. Plug/Reconnect internet.
  • Load into GTA Online.
  • Rinse & repeat.

Step By Step

Step 1

You need a Facility to do Doomsday Missions.

Step 2

You need to complete ACT I and do the setups for ACT II at least once.

Step 3

Let’s start the mission:

Step 4

Payout. Don’t be greedy, spread the joy:

Step 5

Get to the location:

Step 6

(Optional) The air team should stay near the beach while submarine team dives into the submarine. The fastest way is to as an air team bring avenger to the beach, find a boat and grab submarine team as they come out from the submarine. (sometimes boats don’t appear) For this instance air team is waiting on the beach with a car:

Step 7

As for Submarine team, go to the door on the right when you first arrive on the submarine. Directly goes to the person you need to talk to:

Step 8

Once you aim at the guy behind the bars, he’ll start to talk. After aiming for couple of seconds a yellow dot appears on the map so you can leave him be and turn back. This time we’ll go upstairs. After a few tangoes you’ll be in command room. A long cinematic appear along with our hero “Bogdan” (Air team will wait idly at the sea with a boat if possible, if not they can sit in a car at beach):

Step 9

After cinematic, Air team grabs the submarine team with a boat or Submarine team can swim to the beach:

Step 10

Get in the Avenger and go to the marked destination:

Step 11

Important! Now is the best time for the host to deposit money. (You can deposit money any time in the mission) If you don’t deposit money any time in the mission, you might not get paid after mission.

Note: If the host is air team or doesn’t have money to deposit, host can withdraw money first and then deposit:

Step 12

Land at the marked location to start ending cinematic:

Step 13

Important! Once the cinematic starts, there will be a box on the bottom right corner saying “Transaction Pending”. Once it goes away the host MUST disconnect/unplug internet. (You don’t have to hurry, you can wait 2-3 seconds after box disappers to dc/unplug.) But don’t wait too long you must be disconnected before the cinematic ends.

Image: “Transaction Pending” Box appears on the bottom right corner.

Image 2: Box disappeared, now it’s time to unplug/disconnect internet or force quit game.

Step 14

It’ll kick you to the singeplayer once you are disconnected. You can plug/log in to the internet and go to GTA Online. Mission won’t be counted as finished but you’ll have the money. So you can play only finale mission to get paid over and over again.

Step 15

Rinse & Repeat.

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  1. i usually fly the avenger to the beach and leave it there while i’m on a boat/jetski waiting for the submarine team, it can sometimes be risky yes but saves a good 30 seconds everytime

    great guide!

    • Did this. 3rd time tried the disconnect method instead of force quitting. It does not work, and cost me the mission despite the fact things disconnected as intended. Might want to add to the disclaimed that the worst case scenario is NOT that you don’t get paid, it’s that you then get jewed out of a lot of work on some difficult setups that you then have to do again.

      • At the point when you get off the VTOL, like shown in your guide. Just outright disconnect the router remotely because I’m not standing up, reaching round the back of my pc and hoping I get the ethernet cable lol. I don’t use wifi, no need for it in my house, my PC just flat out doesn’t have the capability to wifi by design. Only reconnected when the cutscene ended. Your guide doesn’t show us when to reconnect, maybe I did that at the wrong time.

  2. i know the boats not spawning is a thing but i’ve been the luckiest person ever it never happened to me, wish that kinda luck would transfer to the casino wheel

  3. u guys ever got notification from rockstar after finish this mission? it says Transaction failed because Rockstar game server received too many request from ur game”. What happen tho?

  4. Wait, let me ask you something. I never understood why people only do this with Bogdan. But it should work with any heist finale, right? I saw people quitting in heist finales but also saying that the host does not get paid. So, that is the point of depositing money during the mission, right? So that the host get paid.

    I am asking this because I want to do the casino heist, get paid and not do preps all over again

    • yes it should work with any mission. People were doing the glitch on pacific bank heist when there were no bogdans. But personally i didn’t need to do this glitch on any other mission than bogdan. Why bogdan? Well it’s a 2-man job(you can even buy two accounts and play as one with two pcs. ps. i did it). Easy as pie. Takes only 15 minutes for 1.2 million. You can easily play with randoms as well since the air team doesn’t need to do anything. Elite bonus is also really easy to get.

  5. So, for me, being able to repeat without doing the preps is much more about the fun than the money. But if you wanna talk money…

    Two people collecting artwork already pays more than Bogdan, because if you split 50-50, it is almost 1 mil for each (~2.6 mil total and ~2 mil of player take).

  6. For me, being able to repeat without doing the preps is much more about the fun than the money. But if you wanna talk money…

    Two people collecting artwork already pays more than Bogdan, because if you split 50-50, it is almost 1 mil for each (~2.6 mil total and ~2 mil of player take).

  7. What really prompted my curiosity was the time I did the heist with a random in which the loot were diamonds. 3.6 mil total take. And I noticed que quit at the end. So, if you get three people who know what they are doing in a con approach, you can literally walk in and out of the casino and make the delivery in less than 15 min — which is the time limit for elite. Thus, it can actually pay more and more efficiently than Bogdan, although it depends on a lot of stuff. While Bogdan can be done with any idiot.

    Bottom line, if you get diamonds as loot, don’t restart your heist.

  8. Gold glitch was patched too, if you leave the tray you cant get back on it now– that explains why I would see gold bars left I thought people did it just to trip my OCD lol. So I don’t think there are any working casino heist exploits. I should’ve said the %15 glitch– if the heist leader set their cut to %15 and nobody clicked ready and just let it time out everyone would get their maximum cuts– but now it just defaults to giving the leader maximum and everyone else minimum

  9. One question, the money from the elite bonus, it only gets once, am I right? Cuz I’ve done the elite challenge multiple times, but I dont see my extra 50k anywhere

  10. I have another way, but it is rather hard to explain all of it in text, all i can say is the essential part.

    Press space to buy the prep mission and the arrow to select the setup mission almost at the same time(this requires a bit of agility ),if you do it right, you can buy to skip the setup mission instead, it may not looks like it, but the setup mission is marked completed in the game. For instance, if you are starting bogdan, just use this mean to buy all the setup missions, get out the planing room, and wait for lester’s call for finale. This glitch works better with the Windows Firewall+GTAV glitch(another exploitable glitch), in order to start heist and buy missions for free.

    This is kind of blurry I know, but this is all I can do in a language I am not familiar with and we all learnt this glitch through videos.

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