GTA 5 – The Cayo Perico Heist / Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide for the Cayo Perico Heist DLC including the heist, secret weapons, the submarine and all the cool things, we finally got.


All credit goes to VΞΛGŁΞ!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the Cayo Perico Heist DLC, as published on Dec 15 2020. The newest heist is one of the most complex and stunning adventures yet and I am happy to share my knowledge with you.

For an overview, these are the new features:

  • New map: Cayo Perico Island [Norman’s Cay in reallife -> Pablo Escobar and crew]
  • New heist
  • Submarine “Kosatka” [Russian: “killer whale”]
  • Three new weapons [Military Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Golden Gun (Perico Pistol)]
  • Nightclub in the Diamond Casino and Resort: “The Music Locker”
  • 17 new vehicles [1 DockTease, 10 Warstock, 1 Legendary, 5 Southern]
  • New Radio Stations
  • Radio Missions [Still Slipping Los Santos]
  • VIP Missions [for the DJ, called in by Tom Connors]

The Kosatka [Submarine]

The Kosatka is a submarine, which can be bought for $2.200.000 – 9.085.000 on Warstock Cache & Carry. It is the main headquarter for the Cayo Perico Heist and features the following (if bought):

  • Heist planning screen
  • Quick travel to several locations around the map
  • Drive and dive [maximum depth around 140m]
  • Periscope with Oppressor-like missiles
  • RPG-like guided rockets to be launched every minute per seat, radius: 4000m
  • Sonar station giving the ability to detect hostile submarines and underwater treasures to the Pegassi Toreador, the Kraken Avisa and the submarine itself
  • Torpedoes while driving
  • Sleeping quarters and mess hall with the ability to change clothes, sleep, surf the internet and refill snacks
  • Weapon workshop and gun cabinet
  • MoonPool with the ability to store the Kraken Avisa and the Pegassi Toreador or the Ocelot Stromberg
  • Helipad with the ability to store the Sparrow
  • Monitoring room with cameras for the whole submarine
  • Scuba station with the ability to quickly change to a diving suit


To start the heist you need to meet Miguel Madrazo in the VIP area of the Music Locker below the Diamond Casino and Resort. After buying the submarine you can start the scope out mission.

Then you have to do setups for the vehicle, the weapons, the safe code or the plasma cutter, the fingerprint hacker and optionally the blow torch or the explosives depending on what you did first and where you want to enter, destroying the weapon delivery, destroying the buzzard delivery and destroying the armor delivery.

The setup missions do not have a huge variety and can be done quickly and easily with the Sparrow. The scope out mission may be the hardest part of the heist, as you do not have any weapons and you need to travel the whole island, if you want to find many helpful things.

Scope Out

8 Infiltration Points:

  • Airstrip
  • HALO Jump
  • West Beach
  • North Dock
  • Main Dock
  • North Drop Zone
  • South Drop Zone
  • Drainage Tunnel

You get the first half of points automatically while doing the first scope out mission, for the second half I made a map where they are. You do not need to photograph the drainage tunnel, it is sufficient to simply dive around behind El Rubio’s Mansion.

Note: The 4 exfiltration points equal the infiltration points, so you do not need to photograph them. The Compound Points are located automatically by looking at every camera image available.

Points of Interest and Extra Loot

You can find extra loot between 20 and 30 units, and there are some points of special interest for the mission.

Extra Loot: (sorted by value)

  • Gold (Only in mansion)
  • Cocaine
  • Art (Only in mansion)
  • Weed
  • Cash

Points of Interest:

  • Supply Truck
  • Airfield Tower
  • Power Station
  • Grappling Hook 4x
  • Guard Uniform 4x
  • Bolt Cutters 4x

I also made a map for that, but bear in mind that you can only give approximately locations, as the equipment will always spawn at random spots.

Note: You always need only one spot of the extra equipment for the whole crew, so do not waste time looking for more hooks, uniforms etc. Extra loot cannot be carried completely so priorize the valuable targets such as cocaine and gold. In a solo run you can only grab the main target and some cocaine, as you need two keycards activated for the gold. You could grab art in El Rubio’s office, but as cocaine is worth much more, why would you do that?

These are the approximately locations for extra loot and extra equipment:

To simplify things keep looking for spots looking like this:

The loot is on tables behind a gate, so keep looking for little sheds and buildings.


The heist itself is not that complicated and can be done easily with some practice. The easiest way may be going in by plane. Then it depends on your type of run:


You need silenced weapons and you should go at nighttime. Go to the airport and take out the power station and the air defense system if you like. You need to do that to use the additional support options. Shutting power will take out cameras and lights (reduced guard sight) until you enter the mansion.

Suit up with guard uniforms and enter the mansion with the supply truck. Simply loot and take out guards if needed until you exit by grappling hook or through the main door (yes, they will not notice it).

You should have done the blow torch prep or collected a bolt cutter, otherwise you need to blow up the doors, which obviously is too loud. On the way back watch out for guards and collect the additional loot if not done already.


Do all the preps possible except for the blow torch and enter directly at the mansion (South Drop Zone or HALO Jump to mansion). Armament should be the one with the Military Rifle or the Sniper and AP Pistol. I prefer the Sniper set for stealth and the Military Rifle set for the aggressive approach.

Go in with guns blazing and take everything you can carry. On the way back go with guns blazing and take everything you can still carry.

As mentioned above, focus on the main target, then gold, then cocaine, then the rest.

Do not forget to open the safe in the office next to the desk. It contains cash, a weapon and a health kit.

Secret Weapons

Apart from the Military Rifle there are two other weapons hidden inside the DLC:

  • The Golden Gun (Easter Egg from James Bond 007 – The Man with the Golden Gun).

  • The Combat Shotgun (semi-automatic gun, showed up in previous parts of Grand Theft Auto).

The Combat Shotgun

That weapon can be found during the heist. You need to pick it up while being in the mansion. These are all possible locations:

Keep in mind that only one person can pick it up. If more people want to pick it up, you need to die and restart from the last checkpoint.

The Golden Gun

That weapon is more complicated to obtain. You need to find a sleeping guard of El Rubio’s army in Los Santos. He has the key for the secret drawer in El Rubio’s desk in his office. He also drops $7007 cash, which obviously is a reference to James Bond 007. These are the locations where he can spawn:

It is luck, nothing more. You will notice a blue dot on the map if the event spawned.

With the key you can open the little drawer in the desk at the office.

NoteE: The shotgun will be available to buy at Ammu-Nation, even if you failed the heist. The Golden Gun will be available in the same manner. You can always pick up both weapons during the heist to use, after you have found them.

Still Slipping Radio Antennas

The 10 antennas you need to find for the Still Slipping Radio Mission are scattered around San Andreas. You will notice a buzzing noise if you are nearby.

You will get $250.000 and a bonus reward for repairing all 10 antennas.

I thank you for reading and may enjoying this guide.

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