Planet Coaster – The Treasure of Peg-Leg Pete (Pirate Cove)

This guide is an aid for the level “The bay of the pirates”. It reveals the location of the treasure of Peg-Leg Pete…

When describing the mission, the following is indicated:

We can see written about Peg-Leg Pete: “If only he could remember where he buried his treasure… It was around here somewhere”.

By searching in the park, we can find his treasure, and the aim of this guide is to show you where it is.

Find the treasure of Peg-Leg Pete

Here is where the treasure of Peg-Leg Pete can be found:

We discovers then the treasure of Peg-Leg Pete:

Just sell * the gold chest (the one in the center, on the fire) to win immediately $7,500.

(*: to sell it, just click on the object then press the “delete” button, or click on the yellow button “bulldozer” in the window that opens in the top right).

With this money you can easily repay at once the loan that weighs on the park and / or finish the incomplete Coaster.

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