My Time At Portia – Dodgy Guide to Dodging

So why did I make this you may ask. The answer is the developers decided, like many others, to include a dodge mechanic in their game. However, they never explain what dodge can do in the game and made it only work against some attacks and not others, misleading many players as to when it is extremely effective and when it is significantly less useful.

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Dodgy Guide to Dodging

What is the dodge in My Time at Portia?

A dodge basically makes you move slightly faster in the direction you were facing when you pressed dodge. It consumes 50 endurance without the talent, can be used with only 1 endurance remaining with no penalty, and it prevents your character from flinching when hit while they are dodging. Dodge will also grant the player about a half second’s worth of invulnerability which only applies to some attacks, making it required for beating the rat king and less useful in many other situations.

What does dodging work on?

  • Dodging will make the character invulnerable to most melee attacks. Exceptions: Drill AI’s drill and spinning attacks, and sparring opponents’ attacks.
  • Dodging will not make the character invulnerable against most ranged attacks. Exceptions Chemical Dropout’s ranged attacks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Dodging will work with even 1 endurance point. This makes the dodge talent a horrible use of talent points compared to the other first tier options.
  • While dodging may not stop the player from getting hurt, it still makes the player immune to flinching. This makes it extremely useful for escaping from a sparring opponent’s combo
  • All bosses will time their attacks exactly to when the player will regenerate enough endurance to dodge. The player should never retreat while using well timed dodges except to avoid big attacks.
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