Cultist Simulator – Guide to the Mansus

The Mansus offers many rewards to the Know, here is a catalogue of resources one might aquire.

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About the Mansus

Each Door and place in the Mansus offers unique and powerful tools to the initiated dreamer. However it can be difficult to aquire the right tool at the right time. For your convinience I will share my personal notes on each location in the Mansus, and on what they might provide.

A few general rules exist. They are as follows:

  • Each Door offers a face up card. 
  • Each Door leads to two locations, which offer face down cards. 
  • To ascent to the next door, it is required you dream of a door, and instead of opening it, provide the proper intensity of lore. Lantern or Knock will always work, possibly Moth as well. 
  • Each Door can offer Secret Histories (further refered to simply as Secrets), which are required to discover expeditions. 
  • Each Door leads to at least one location that will offer a Secret of a higher intensity than the Secret one might aquire directly at this Door. 
  • Each Location, including the Door, might offer Influences of one or multiple aspects. The Intensity of this Aspect follows no rule. It depends entirely on the intensity the location has in those aspects. 
  • The Peacock Door offers all influences at Intensity 15 across it’s 3 locations. (Possible exceptions are Knock, Secrets and Forge) 

Cultist Simulator - Guide to the Mansus

List of Cards One Might Aquire

My personal notes are not entirely complete, as such, certain intensities are not documented. As a general rule doors further in reward higher intensities but this is not always the case.
As stated above, Secret Histories are refered to as “Secret” for brevities sake.

The listings for the Spider and Peacock door are not necessarily complete. Any annotations the reader might provide are welcomed.


  • Door: Rumor, Moth 2, Secret 2
  • Well: Vitality, Secret 4, Rumor, Grail 2
  • Temple: Knock 2, Secret 4, Rumor


  • Door: Winter, Restlessness, Secret 4
  • Sage: Favour with Authorities, Errudition, Glimmering, Secret 6, Knock, Fascination
  • Orchard: Glimmering, Lantern , Contentment, Secret 


  • Door: Knock, Secret 6, Forge 6
  • Ascent of Knives: Grail, Winter, 10 Edge
  • Painted River: Fascination, Secret 8, Errudition


  • Door: Secret 8, Grail, Favour
  • Malleary: Forge, Secret 10, Lantern Paint, Fascination
  • Chamber of Ways: Knock 15, Winter 10, Moth 10, Lantern 10, Secret 6


  • Door: Secret 10, Lantern 15
  • Worm Museum: Winter 15
  • Red Church: Grail 15, Forge

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