Jurassic World Evolution – How to Keep Your Dinos Happy

How to Keep Your Carnivores Happy! Reduce Your Jailbreaks by up to 99%!

Everything you need to know about why your dinosaurs are breaking out of their pens!

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Comfort Levels

Chances are, if you’ve played this game for more than 10 minutes, you already know the basics of comfort, but I’ll go over it in case there’s something you may have missed. You’re free to skip this section if you want.

So let’s begin.

Here’s an example, a happy little Dilo.
Here’s a breakdown of each stat which influences Comfort:

Grassland & Forest: These aren’t ratios. They’re flat amounts of each of these types of land your Dino needs. Here’s an example:

This Ceratosaurus doesn’t have enough Forest, but if I start adding trees to its pen…

Then there isn’t enough Grassland!

This means that the pen just isn’t big enough. So, if you find this to be your issue, then you have to make your pen bigger.

Next, let’s take a look into the Population and Social stats, since they are relevant to one another.
Population determines how many Dinos of ANY species you can (or have to) fit into a pen.
Social determines how many of ITS species you can (or have to) fit into a pen.

These usually only come into play when you’re dealing with herbivores. So let’s deal with some!

In my pen, there are two Kentrosaurus, and as you can see, its Social meter is just barely in the blue. This means that if I only had one Kentrosaurus, its Social meter would certainly be in the red.

Now, I’m going to add some other Dinos into the pen, and we’ll see what happens…

Now its Population stat is too high!

Food and Water don’t play into Comfort. Instead, they directly affect Health.

Maintaining your Dinos’ comfort meters is essential for ensuring it doesn’t break out!

Other Things to Look Out For

So your Dinos’ comfort levels are perfect, and they are 100% comfortable.. But they’re still breaking out! Why do they want to break out for no reason?!

There’s always a reason, my friend. I’ll name a couple right here.

  • First and foremost are storms! From Isla Muerta and forward, you’ll get storms, be they Hurricanes or Tornadoes. Storms make your Carnivores uncomfortable, and you know what happens when their comfort meter goes into the red. Keep an eye out, prepare adequately, and tranq your dinos ahead of time if you feel the need! 
  • Certain missions will have you keep a Dinosaur in a pen for a certain period of time. Those missions also have unusually cranky Dinosaurs to take care of. There’s nothing you can do about this one. Just keep repairing that fence, tranqing that dino, and moving it back into the pen until that mission is complete. It sucks, but hang in there, buddy. 
  • The last thing I know of that causes Dinos to break out are.. Your guests. Yes, your Guests can be a reason your Dinos break out. If you build a path too close to a Dino pen, then if there’s enough traffic going on, your Dino will break through that section of wall. 

I am testing how far away the path needs to be, but evidently…

This is too close.
Give your Dinos space.

Oh, and About Fences…

They don’t do squat. A Dilo will still bust out of an Electrified Concrete fence if it wants out. I’ve also had my game open and running for hours (only acting to replenish feeders), and my IndoRex hasn’t even attempted to break down my Light Steel fence. The only thing a fence seems to do is take more hits to break.

If you know what you’re doing, fences aren’t an issue.

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