Darkest Dungeon – Hidden Achievements (Color of Madness DLC)

Achievements for the new DLC of Darkest Dungeon: Color of Madness.

20 Hidden Achievements

  • Blue Skies Ahead: Use The Shard Dust Provision

Buy it on the provision porvider, beaware it will rise the stress and stress damage of your hero.

  • There Are No Words: Defeat the Thing From The Stars

After the DLC installed, this mini boss will start roaming in the dungeons of origin game.It has 3 moves per turn, for the first move of every turn it will summon a crystal at the cost of its life, cure its own bleed and blight as well as stressing your squad. The crystal will explode at the end of the turn, however, a hero wiil gain minor HP healing by breaking it. Its PROT will raise to 80% when its HP drops blow 45%, making it extremely to hit. Thus DOT and armor pierce attack will be more efficient. 

  • A Taste Of Madness: Complete The First Farmstead Quest

It is an easy one. However, you will need 4 low level hero to complete it. 

  • A Merciful Act: Defeat the Miller
  • A Poor Harvest: All 4 Heroes Dodge the Miller’s Reaping

In the second quest of Farmstead, you will encounter this boss. Its move includes summoning a minion, crystalize the minion (give PROT and get protection), single target Harvest(Target: small damage, minor stress heal; Self: small HP heal), AOE damage and AOE stress damage.
To dodge the scythe of Miller, you will can boost dodge with trinkets and MAA buff, also bring hero will high basic dodge like Jester and good quirk. 

  • Time Is A Flat Circle: Kill the Sleeper’s Herald With a Riposte
  • Plowshares To Swords: Reach Death’s Door From Farmhand’s Riposte

Herald has riposte buff at its appearance. It does not have much HP, bring HWM and MAA to kill it with Riposte.
One random monster set is 3 Farmhand+ 1 Foreman. The foreman will buff one of the farmhands with Riposte buff. 

  • Rainbow’s End: Lose a Hero Equipped with the Coat of Many Colors
  • Pipe Dream: Lose a Hero Equipped with the Miller’s Pipe
  • The Blinders Are Lifted: Gain the Refracted Affliction

Hero will not actually die when receiving deathblow in Farmstead,he or she will disappear for several weeks and get an Affliction called Refraction. This two trinket can be bought with shard at the alternative nomad wagon. 

  • This Is Nothing: Get 100 Kills
  • A Hollow Reckoning: Get 200 Kills
  • Ashes To Ashes: Get 300 Kills
  • Lining the Jeweller’s Pockets: Earn 200 Shards In One Endless Run

Shards can be earned by random appeared crystal barrel after each wave. Defeating boss will also award shards to your squad. The max stack of shards is 99 per item slot. Take some practice to survive longer in endless, 300 kills will be probably reached at wave 7. 

  • Beyond The Infinite: Defeat the Sleeper
  • In The Mouth of Madness: Defeat the Sleeper With 2 Afflicted, 2 Virtuous Heroes

The comet has two different forms. During phase 1, it will immediately summon 3 crystal and retreat to position 4. It will spend its move to grow the crystal and eventually the crystal will explode to cause damage. During phase 2, it will use great AOEs to cause huge damage, huge stress, blight and horror.
As to virtue, you can stress up hero in splendorous atomosphere and equip hero with virtue trinkets. The crimson set trinkests for HWM adds 45% virtue chance, which would almost guarantee a virtue at 100 stress.

  • Shards Well Spent: Collect All of Color of Madness Trinkets
  • A Memory Of Better Times (And Spaces): Build the Windmill
  • Tears Lost In The Dust: Acquire Mildred’s Locket Trinket

After the first wave of endless mode, you will meet the wife of miller, she will give you Mildred’s Locket. The roaming boss has chance to drop one of its unique trinkets (4 in total).
You need 10 memories to build the mill. Memory can be acquired after defeat sleeper in endless mode (100%) or the thing in normal dungeon (small chance).

  • Rogues Gallery: Fight Every Wondering Boss in Endless

This achievement is not achievable in the current version since one of the four wondering bosses (collector) is not added to the endless mode.

However, if you really want this achievement, you can edit the game file:


Add under other minibosses.

miniboss: .chance 1 .types collector_C

Then defeat all 4 bosses (shambler, collector, crow, thing) in endless to get this achievement.

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  1. According to the DD discord, Rogues Gallery is obtainable, it just requires defeating *every* boss in endless. I haven’t seen them all yet, but can anyone confirm this?

    • I got the achievement without seeing stuff like flesh or crew. you can try it . but might be an trol

  2. Lol wtf A Poor Harvest dont complete, all party dodge harvest 3 times but achievment not unlocked

  3. Just to clarify, Shards Well Spent does not require you to collect the Thing from the Stars achievement. Simply purchase every crystaline trinket from the Jeweler.

  4. “Rogues Gallery” was already fixed. Now you can encounter all 4 wondering bosses normally, Shambler, Shrieker, Thing From The Stars and the Collector.

  5. Thanks for the giude, really usefull, even if some achievments are that hard and random to get xd

  6. Some of the achievements doesnt work for me, I do as it is written, but nothing happens. Idk what to do, even those silly ones as dying with some particular trinkets. Game, pls

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